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Boris Johnson states that the gasoline precursor crisis is “stable”


Oris Johnson He said the gas station precursors were “stable” as he urged drivers to start their business in the usual way.

After the chaotic days, the gas and station lines became longer, Prime Minister He said he understood the frustration that drivers feel when they are struggling to fill up.

But the sign from the industry is that supply has returned to normal levels and the situation is beginning to improve, he said.

“The situation is stable ahead and people need to do business in the usual way with confidence,” he said in a pooled interview with the broadcaster.

His complaint came as a sir Kiel Starmer Accused government Putting the country in “chaos” through failure to deal with the fuel crisis.

Labor leaders said the transportation industry was “overwhelmed” by the lack of a clear plan by the minister to mitigate the problems caused by the shortage of tank truck drivers.

“As we track from crisis to crisis, the government has confused the country. The government is not aware of this,” he told BBC News.

The driver queues fuel at the Esso gas station in Bournville, Birmingham (Jacob King / PA) / PA wire

“This problem is predictable and predictable, and the government has completely failed in planning.”

However, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the worst was over when the Gasoline Retailers Association (PRA) reported “early signs” that the crisis was nearing its end.

Johnson said the government is taking steps to ensure that the entire supply chain is ready for Christmas.

“First of all, how much do you want to sympathize with those who are worried about traveling and whether the car can be used normally?”

What we want to do is make sure that not only the gas station supply, but all parts of the supply chain are ready to reach after Christmas.

Boris Johnson states that the gasoline precursor crisis is “stable”

Source link Boris Johnson states that the gasoline precursor crisis is “stable”

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