Breakthrough AI Testing Can Change Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Panakeia’s PANProfiler Breast Assay is the world’s first AI software that can predict biomarker status from digitally imaged routine pathological samples and is UKCA and CE certified for clinical use by UK and EU medical services. I am.

While other AI tools can determine the presence of cancer in digital pathological images, PANProfiler is the only solution that can accurately predict the status of biomarkers and guide clinical decisions. In some cases less than 15 minutes eliminates the costly and time consuming need. Lab test.

PANProfiler Breast is seamlessly integrated into the digital cancer diagnosis workflow and analyzes digital images of regularly collected hemotoxylin and eosin (H & E) -stained breast cancer samples to determine ER, PR, and HER2 status. Identify whether the patient is a candidate for hormone therapy or Herceptin.

PANProfiler provides diagnostic retrieval from the original H & E images in less than 15 minutes with accuracy comparable to lab tests, making PANProfiler tests much faster and cheaper than existing lab tests that take days or weeks, and making healthcare systems annually. It can save millions of dollars.

This not only saves valuable time on the patient’s journey, but also significantly reduces the burden of busy and costly testing services facing the backlog due to the impact of COVID-19 on cancer diagnosis. To do.

PANProfiler is currently being piloted in a UK hospital with plans to expand to Europe, North America and Asia.

Following the launch of PANProfiler Breast, Panakeia is expanding its offerings to other cancers. The company is also looking for opportunities to partner with biopharmacy companies to support drug discovery and development using PANProfiler technology.

Professor David Harrison, director of iCAIRD, one of the UK’s five outstanding centers focused on pathology and radiology AI applications funded by Innovate UK as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, said: It states as follows. It improves the efficiency of the Pathology Institute, supports efforts to reduce the workload of pathology, and promotes the recovery of COVID-19. It enables rapid cancer diagnosis and improves both the patient’s experience and outcomes. “

Professor Sarapinder, Chair of Breast Pathology at King’s College London and Chief Breast Pathologist at Guys & St. Thomas Hospital, adds: breast cancer. “

Julia Hawkins, general partner of Local Globe & Latitude, one of Panacea’s leading investors, said: These technologies play a key role in the recovery of healthcare providers from the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling them to quickly address their untreated portion and diagnose and treat their patients without delay. Panacea’s breakthrough technology promises to change the decision to diagnose and treat cancer. “

Breakthrough AI Testing Can Change Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

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