Breastfeeding of THC-positive mothers that do not harm the short-term health of the baby-study

A new online course on medical cannabis prescribing provides in-depth insights into the industry from both clinicians and patients. Cannabis Health speaks with Ryan McCreanor, the creator and CEO of the course.

Sativa learning And that Medical Cannabis Clinicians Association (MCCS) We have partnered to offer a new course on medical cannabis prescribing in the UK.

It covers a comprehensive list of topic Around cannabis as a drug with clinical evidence of medical cannabis, practicality of prescription, side effects, contraindications, etc.

This course is only available online and includes various clinical and patient stories on a selection list of conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, pediatric epilepsy, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Offers.

Sativa learning is already successful Online CBD course It covers everything from the science behind cannabinoids to British regulation.

After returning from Canada to his hometown of Northern Ireland, Ryan struggled to find a decent quality CBD product and got the idea. After starting his career as a toxicology scientist, he worked for the Government of Canada in 2018 as a post-legalized educator and trainer.

“This was a way to bring a certain level of legitimacy to the industry by developing a certified expert-led cannabis course,” Ryan said.

“The idea of ​​this platform is that we want to provide education to all means of the cannabis industry. The CBD industry started because I had enough knowledge and put together a lot of educational content myself. It was a good place for. “

He continued. “I wanted to bring in real professionals, so I partnered with Professor Burns and Hannah Dikon. All future courses will be CPD credits. Many medical professionals take our courses and You need to earn a certain amount of CPD points per year so that you can feel comfortable managing it to a higher start of further learning. “

The course includes Hannah Deacon and Professor Burns, as well as a panel of experts from Dr. Dani Gordon, who talks about cannabis and oncology. Other classes include Dr. Erie O’Killie, who talks about epilepsy, and Dr. Evan Lewis, who talks about childhood epilepsy. Regarding the syllabus, MCCS has summarized the contents of the cannabis course.

Course: Two creators of the cannabis course standing next to each other while looking at the camera

Founders of Sativa Learning, Professor Ryan McCreanor and Professor Mike Barnes

Ryan explained that he carefully selected the conditions to include in order to outline the general conditions.

He states: “We have selected 10 of the most common conditions under which cannabis is prescribed. There are fibromyalgia, chronic pain, cancer pain, and women’s health problems. How doctors describe the condition. I have a lot of patients who explain what to prescribe and talk about their experience on the camera. “

Expert-led course

Patients often feel forgotten when it comes to panel discussions, courses, and expert lead videos. Ryan emphasized that this is an important part of the course.

“Not only are there doctors educating about cannabis, but there are also follow-ups where patients are talking about their experiences,” he said.

“They discuss what their life was like before medical cannabis, what their prescription was, and how this changed things for them.

“The industry needs to be all about the patient, so we want to make sure we can hear the patient’s voice.”

The course is completely online and you have the option to study and save your progress whenever you are ready. At the end of the course, there is an exam that gives a presentation about the passing score. The exam is part of CPD certification.

Ryan said: This course can be quite long, but you can do it all in one day or in a few hours a night for 6 months. “

The platform will be available to anyone who wants to learn about cannabis, but Ryan explained that it may be suitable for industry experts.

He concluded that: “There are no barriers to entry. This course will be available to anyone who wants to learn about cannabis medicine. The language we use is aimed at its audience to teach medical professionals about the basics of prescription. Therefore, it is strongly targeted at medical professionals. “

Please access the course from here

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Breastfeeding of THC-positive mothers that do not harm the short-term health of the baby-study

Source link Breastfeeding of THC-positive mothers that do not harm the short-term health of the baby-study

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