Brewdog has announced the Euro 2020 Lost Lager bundle. Here’s how to save £ 10.

You may be looking for some deals for a month, long summer football, and Euro 2020 starting today. alcohol? BrewDog has reduced the price of popular beer, lager and alcohol-free boxes so you don’t have to look anymore. website, As part of the summer sale.

They even created a limited edition, Lost lager Crate-Prices start at just £ 10 (for 12 cans).

Each can in a limited edition box, including the popular 4.5% German-style Pilsner, has been transformed to support all teams in the Euro 2020 tournament.

But don’t worry, the can still features the same, iconic lager flavor.

BrewDog has reduced the price of its popular beer and lager bundles as part of its summer sale

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You can now collect a random assortment of soccer-themed cans, like Panini’s soccer stickers. How cool is it? Or recycle when you’re done …

for 12 cans, now for only £ 10 -Not £ 11.for 24 crates, it returns you to £ 19.75 -Decreased from £ 21.95. And their best priced crate?How 48, 330 ml cans weigh 39.50 pounds -Reduced from £ 43.75.

But that’s not all. TopCashback offers new members £ 10 at a cost of £ 30 or more.. How good is it?

Not including delivery, this means that the 48 Lost Lager crate costs only £ 28.50-it’s less than 59p per can.

As mentioned above, this is Trading is only available to new members of Top Cashback Unfortunately, this offer is also not available in Scotland.

This offer is available from June 7th to July 11th. Therefore, you can make the most of it until the Euro 2020 final.

What are you looking for? Sign up here And make the most of this incredible offer while you can.

Scottish breweries and pub chains have significantly reduced the price of popular crates in time for the kickoff. Also, if you order before 5 pm, you can get the next day delivery in time for the kickoff.

can get 48 cans of punk IPA for £ 49.75, Not £ 55.75-or £ 39.75 with Top Cashback Provided.

Or how Headliner bundlePerfectly crafted, they are the uncompromising leaders in BrewDog’s packs.The bundle will return you to £ 47.45 instead of £ 54.95-or £ 37.45 for Top Cashback Offers will be redeemed.

Do you like to drink refreshing and refreshing lager?Then why not buy it? Mega bundle.. Fill the top with the best lagers from BrewDog, including classic styles and modern remasters.It’s now on sale for £ 44.45 on a summer sale and has been reduced from £ 49.45-or £ 34.45 when purchased with Top Cashback..

You can buy these deals and more now BrewDog website.. We will let you compete for checkout …

Have you tempted to buy one or two crates from Brewdog with an additional £ 10 savings thanks to TopCashback? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Brewdog has announced the Euro 2020 Lost Lager bundle. Here's how to save £ 10.

Source link Brewdog has announced the Euro 2020 Lost Lager bundle. Here's how to save £ 10.

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