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Brexit admins spend money on dwarven level-up funds

The government will spend twice as much on managing Brexit As its main level-up fund..

A total of £ 12 billion has been reserved for departments and delegated governments to help deal with logistics leaving the European Union. The new figures were released Thursday in the Government’s annual report on European Union spending.

The· Document It also confirmed that even if a final agreement was reached, the government sector would have had to spend billions of taxpayers’ money to prepare for no transactions. This is because the transaction was confirmed a few days before the end of the transition at the end of 2020.

The cost of the Brexit administration, which has increased by nearly £ 3 billion over the past year, comes on the same day that Boris Johnson has come up with a vision to help the poor in Britain catch up with the rich.

Part of Brexit’s spending increase was due to the £ 750m allocated. In July of last yearThe aim is to prepare the port and wider border infrastructure for additional checks on goods after Brexit.

The £ 12 billion figure is less than the £ 4.8 billion allocated to the Level Up Fund, of which £ 3.6 billion will be sent to British towns through the Towns Fund.

Johnson said the speech was at least “skeletonPlan.

Separately, the economist made a speech in his speech comparing Germany’s efforts to share prosperity in the post-unification east and west. There was a challenge.. Germany has spent more than € 2 trillion on this effort, but even 30 years after reunification, there are still significant differences in employment between regions.

Brexit admins spend money on dwarven level-up funds

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