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Brexit: Liz Truss told the EU “there is no choice” other than acting under the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Liz Truss I set a ferocious scene Brexit Spats with Europe, Tell Brussels to “act” to Britain over- Northern Ireland Protocol Unless the EU retreats.

Foreign Minister’s warning over the phone European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefchovic is expected to continue promulgating an emergency bill within a few days that invalidates key elements of the Protocol. Boris Johnson In 2019 to avoid the tough border between the Republic and the North after Brexit.

After the call, Chef Chovic expressed “serious concern” about the deadlock and warned that Britain’s unilateral action away from the international treaty signed by Johnson was “unacceptable.”

And he later told the European Parliament: To be honest, the EU cannot solve all the problems caused by Brexit and the type of Brexit selected by the UK.

“We do not renegotiate the Protocol and the EU is united in this position. One-sided actions that do not effectively apply the protocol are not the solution.”

Foreign Minister’s words suggested that the EU could avoid conflicts by changing its negotiating mission in the coming days, but Chef Chovic told Truss that there was “no room” for this to happen. To be clear, Downing Street admitted that the situation was now “very serious.”

The stalemate appears to be closing the curtain on 16 months of negotiations that Britain is demanding relaxation of imported checks. Northern Ireland From mainland England, introduced as a result of Johnson’s decision to draw a customs border on the Irish Sea.

Negotiations are likely to continue at the official level for the next few days, with no 10 saying the UK has not set a fixed deadline for action.

Johnson’s official spokesperson argued that no final decision had been made on whether to promote a law that would invalidate the Protocol.

“We have seen many times that the EU has issued a statement on the Protocol and that concessions have been made following subsequent negotiations,” said a spokesman. “We are trying to keep all options open, but the situation is very serious.”

However, no follow-up meeting is planned between Mr. Truss and Mr. Chef Chovic, and one Downing Street source seems to have a solid EU position, so the Cabinet “needs to do something.” “We said that we were united around the position.

“You never know what the EU will bring back,” sources said. “But they are showing their position today and there are no signs that it will change.”

Britain’s unilateral breach of the Brexit agreement could ultimately lead to a trade war with Europe, as Brussels retaliates by suspending the tariff-free export agreement stipulated in the post-Brexit trade cooperation agreement. There is sex.

However, a bill to invalidate the protocol could take up to a year to pass parliament, fierce opposition is expected in the House of Lords, and government sources are trying to avoid the enormous costly collapse of trade. A relationship that revealed that negotiations could continue in the meantime.

Ms. Truss raised tensions over the Protocol on Tuesday, warning that the EU’s proposal to ease trading friction would actually “retreat us.” However, Chef Chovic said today that there is “no room” for further concessions or changes in bargaining obligations. This must be agreed by all 27 EU member states.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: Then we have no choice but to act as a responsible government. “

A crunch discussion took place hours after Prosecutor General Surah Braverman revealed what she had. Received legal advice It is legal to destroy part of the Protocol because of the “unbalanced and irrational” method implemented by Brussels.

She warned of Northern Ireland’s “social unrest” by providing evidence accusing the EU of creating trade barriers in the Irish Sea and undermining the Good Friday Agreement. Downing Street today refused to publish the advice Ms. Braverman received.

In today’s meeting with Chef Chovic, Truss said the Protocol became the “biggest obstacle” to forming the Northern Ireland Executive after the power-sharing arrangement was destroyed by the Democratic Unionist Party.

The union party, hoping to abolish the protocol, refused to take office as a new executive led by Michelle O’Neill of the Sinn Féin party, the largest group in the Northern Ireland Assembly in last week’s Staumont elections.

Mr. Truss said the current situation was causing “unacceptable trade turmoil” and created “a two-tier system in which the people of Northern Ireland were not treated the same as the rest of Britain.”

Solving the problem while protecting the EU single market by calling on the European Commission to be “more practical” and implementing the UK’s proposal to send goods for Northern Ireland through a “green channel” with a light touch at customs. He said he could. A close check is reserved for people heading to the Republic.

“It remains a serious concern that the British government intends to take unilateral action,” Chef Chovic said after a telephone call.

“I am convinced that only joint solutions will work. One-sided actions that effectively invalidate international agreements such as the Protocol are simply unacceptable.”

He added: “This not only undermines confidence between the EU and the UK, but also protects the Good Friday Agreement in all respects while ensuring the legal certainty and predictability of Northern Ireland people and businesses. It defeats our ultimate purpose.

“Such one-sided action will also undermine the essential conditions for Northern Ireland to maintain access to the EU’s single market commodities.

“The EU and the UK are partners facing the same global challenge of having to uphold the rule of law and fulfill their international obligations. Working side by side in a constructive way is paramount. is.”

Brexit: Liz Truss told the EU “there is no choice” other than acting under the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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