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Britain says there is a “transaction to be made” to resolve the feud with the EU

The British Foreign Minister optimistically said on Friday that there was a “transaction to be made” to be settled. Northern Ireland Trade dispute that worsened relations with Britain European Union

Alien secretary Liz Truss He made a bright tone after the first series of talks with Brock’s chief, Maroš Šefchovic, Vice-President of the European Commission. Brexit Negotiator.

“We had a constructive discussion with the EU. We are now focused on working towards a negotiated solution to solve these very real problems for the people of Northern Ireland. I’m going to get into some negotiations, “Tras told the broadcaster.

In a brief joint statement, Truss and Sefkovich agreed that their talks were “heartfelt” and that they would meet again on January 24, after an “intensified” talk between officials next week. He said he did.

Since the UK left the block of 27 countries in 2020, relations have deteriorated over Northern Ireland, the only part of the UK that shares borders with EU member states. As part of the divorce agreement, both sides have agreed to keep Northern Ireland within a single tariff-free commodity market to maintain the border of Ireland, a key pillar of Northern Ireland’s peace process. Did.

This created a new customs border in the Irish Sea for goods entering Northern Ireland from other parts of the United Kingdom, albeit part of the same country.

The arrangement brought bureaucratic formalism and supply issues to some companies and offended Northern Ireland’s British Unionists.

Truss was appointed as the UK’s leading EU negotiator after Minister Brexit last month. David Frost Resign because of disillusionment with the conservative government’s policies.

Brexit negotiations have made limited progress under Frost, and many EU officials regarded them as uncompromising hardliners. Truss made a warmer tone, but stuck to Britain’s claim that the EU would remove the Supreme Court from its role in resolving disputes over the Brexit Agreement.

The UK is calling for significant changes to the deal and threatens to use an emergency break clause to suspend some of the legally binding Brexit divorce contracts if no solution is found. It will cause EU retaliation and could be involved in a trade war between Britain and the blocks of 27 countries.

The EU has accused the UK of not actively responding to “widespread proposals” to ease the burden on Northern Ireland’s businesses.

“I think there’s something to do. I want to make progress,” Truss said. “Obviously, if you don’t see enough progress, you need to consider alternatives, but my absolute hope is to win a deal that will help the people of Northern Ireland.”


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Britain says there is a “transaction to be made” to resolve the feud with the EU

Source link Britain says there is a “transaction to be made” to resolve the feud with the EU

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