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Britain’s petrol shortage live: BP, Esso and Tesco stations closed and troops could be drawn in to drive HGV

Brexit’s “part of the solution” to the shortage of truck drivers is described by Grant Shapps.

The driver should “continue as usual”, Grant Shaps After saying BP, Tesco and Esso warned about some fuel shortages gasoline Station as a result of a shortage of HGV drivers.

The Secretary of Transportation insists on “moving heaven and earth” to mitigate supply chain crises, deploying troops to outposts and relaxing visa rules to mitigate driver shortages. Did not exclude.Worse by Brexit, Coronavirus pandemic and wage and condition issues.

Industry group chief Rod Mackenzie accused the minister of being an “inertial government,” and the situation has “gradually worsened” in recent months, but BP’s head of UK retail, Hannah Hofer, said the government. Said that it was important to understand the “urgency of the situation.” ..


“Complete garbage” that is part of the solution to the shortage of truck drivers

The Unite union accused the Secretary of Transportation of talking about “complete garbage,” claiming Brexit was part of the current solution to the shortage of truck drivers.

“Brexit meant that the brewing of the crisis was pushed forward, which was a much bigger blow. It doesn’t make sense to say that Brexit is part of the solution,” spokesman Berkeley Sumner said. Said.

“The only solution is to make driving heavy trucks a more attractive profession. If someone drives 10 hours a day, they leave home for up to 15 hours and thousands of drivers are in the profession. The number of people who are not allowed to drive because of their medical condition has doubled in 10 years.

“We need minimum standards of welfare and conditions. Supermarkets have driven this situation by lowering wages and conditions. Now they want temporary visas, so cheap labor You can go back. “

He also believed that the fuel supply problem was temporary, adding that “driving a tanker requires additional qualifications and is the most paid in the industry.”

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 10:21


The government “couldn’t pay attention to the warning for 10 years,” Labor says

Labor’s shadow transport secretary Jim McMahon described the situation as “the government did not pay attention to the 10-year warning” and “a rapidly deteriorating crisis.”

He states: Ministers must now take decisive steps to address the 90,000 driver shortage. If they take no action, the responsibility for all empty shelves, all undelivered critical medicines, and all suppliers who cannot meet demand lies with the Conservative door. “

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 10:07


My colleague Adam Forest There are details about how the army could be drafted as a truck driver if the supply chain crisis worsens.

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 09:54


Sectors working to ensure that the majority of customers maintain access to fuel, according to industry groups

“The fuel supply chain is” resilient and fuel now reaches the majority of consumers, “” the British Petroleum Industry Association said. “This sector will continue to strive to maintain it.” Added.

“There are some confirmed reports of temporary vestibular downgrades in parts of the UK,” said a spokesperson for the industry group.

“These were caused by supply chain delays due to a shortage of carriers, which are not specific to the downstream sector but are seen throughout the economy. The industry and government continue to work together to strengthen the sector’s workforce, fuel and We guarantee that other supply chains will remain strong for the next few years. “

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 09:50


Comparison drawn in the fall 2000 fuel blockage

Gordon Brown’s downing street adviser suggests that the situation “seems to be a more difficult task” for authorities than it was during the fall 2000 fuel blockade.

The Labor administration at the time was able to focus on addressing clear causes of turmoil, such as soaring fuel costs and protests against the minister’s refusal to cut fuel taxes, but the current crisis looks much more complicated. increase.

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 09:42


Coventry gas station owner reports panic buying

Paul Chima, owner of a gas station in the Tile Hill area of ​​Coventry, said: Good Morning Britain After running out of unleaded fuel at 5:30 pm yesterday, “I’ve already seen panic buying this morning.”

“I already had to turn off the diesel lane because people were crazy about it. When I don’t have to panic because I have a lot of fuel, I need a driver,” said Chima.

“As soon as the yellow cover hits the nozzle, the customer drives straight. They are losing their income in the store as well.”

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 09:24


Brexit’s “part of the solution” to the shortage of truck drivers, the minister argues

Grant Shapps argued that Britain’s departure from the EU offered a solution to the crisis, denying Brexit as part of the problem behind the shortage of truck drivers.

Brexit’s “part of the solution” to the shortage of truck drivers is described by Grant Shapps.

My colleague Adam Forest Here’s the complete story:

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 09:07


What is Operation Escaline?

Ministers discussed having soldiers wait to drive a petrol tanker, with plans to be enacted only if the situation deteriorated significantly. Times report.

Known as Operation Escaline, these emergency response plans were set up in front of Brexit, with 1,600 soldiers to drive 80 military fuel tankers so that fuel would continue to flow into the vestibule in the absence of transactions. I was going to be drawn in. Parents..

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 09:01


The Minister does not exclude the introduction of military or mitigation visa rules

Grant Shapps said he would move “heaven and earth” to solve supply chain crises. This includes considering bringing in troops and relaxing visa rules for HGV drivers.

“I will do anything that really helps,” the Secretary of Transportation told the BBC. today program. “The big question is, where are the obstacles really? What we know is that many people have HGV licenses, but often the European workforce. Many will not come out of the market because they are cheaper. We want to get those people back. “

“As for whether there is an army role, etc., obviously, if it really helps, I’ll bring them in,” he added.

However, Mr. Chaps said changing visa rules to allow foreign drivers to enter the country does not always help solve the problem.

“What I don’t want to do, and what I imply this, is undercut with cheaper European drivers, as it happened before, and we find our drivers drop out,” he said. Said.

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 08:54


The driver “should continue as usual,” says Chaps.

Grant Shaps states that drivers should “continue as usual” and the problem should be “solved fairly quickly”.

“The advice is to continue as usual, and that’s what BP is saying,” the Secretary of Transportation told Sky News.

“They explain that there are some gas stations that had to be closed from 1200 or 1300 on average days.

“The problem isn’t new. We’ve been running out of drivers for months in this pandemic because drivers failed to pass the truck’s HGV test during the blockade, which is causing this problem.

“But now that more tests are available, it should go pretty quickly and smoothly.”

Andy GregorySeptember 24, 2021 08:46

Britain’s petrol shortage live: BP, Esso and Tesco stations closed and troops could be drawn in to drive HGV

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