Bruno Fernandes breaks silence with a penalty miss on Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo’s oath

Bruno Fernandes sent a rebellious message as to whether he would penalize Manchester United even after he missed the Premier League match against Aston Villa.

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Solskger does not blame Fernandez despite a penalty mistake

Bruno Fernandes declares “next time ready” after wasting the penalty Manchester United Lost to Aston Villa.

Portugal’s midfielder was tasked with an important additional time spot kick to save the point where Red Devil’s lags behind Villa a few minutes ago.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Made Fernandez a designated penalty kick for the fixture Excluding that Cristiano Ronaldo Even though the latter converted United’s previous efforts from 12 yards.

Despite a good record of Fernandez’s penalty, the decision backfired as a 27-year-old boy ran through the bar to blame his host for a 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

Bruno Fernandes breaks the penalty far beyond the crossbar


Gales Copley / Getty Images)

United No. 18 posted a long message on social media later on Saturday informing fans that they would not waive their penalty obligations, even if they pressured Ronaldo to be the first choice.

“No one is as frustrated or disappointed as I am because I missed the penalty and the resulting defeat,” Fernandez wrote. Instagram..

“I have always taken responsibility for myself and have always accepted them under pressure at these moments. Today I have failed.

“But I took a step forward and faced the challenge with the same ambition and responsibility as when the ball fell into the net on many other occasions.

“The criticism and contrasting opinions are a big part of football. I learned to live with it even to drive me with it. For me and the team, I’m the best player I can.

Does Bruno Fernandes need to share Manchester United’s penalty obligations with Cristiano Ronaldo? I have your opinion in the comments.

“Today, I have regained most of the responsibilities I have been given since joining United, and I take them again without fear or fear whenever requested.

“The most important thing for me is to win together. I will always do everything I can to keep my teammates and clubs in top shape.

“I’m a player who leaves everything on the pitch and has great aspirations and commitments. That’s what I keep going.

“Thanks for all the support after the last whistle! It was very moving to hear me chanting my name at the stadium …

“These are the standards I adhere to, so I’ll be back stronger, but above all, for the teammates and fans who have always supported us.”

Fernandez received a penalty and was assisted by United Manager Solskger and goalkeeper David de Gea. Ronaldo also posted an exciting message For his teammates.

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Bruno Fernandes breaks silence with a penalty miss on Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo's oath

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