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Buckingham Palace brings in an outside law firm to conduct a bullying investigation

Buckingham Palace convenes an outside independent law firm, Duchess of Sussex The bullied royal staff reportedly.

In the standoff escalation between the parties, Megan Markle wrote to the palace requesting to see documents, emails, or text messages related to her bullying complaints, Sunday’s email can be revealed.

But undoubtedly an unprecedented move to further heighten tensions, according to The Sunday Times, royal staff decided that a third party should take the reins of the investigation, rather than the first published internal investigation. ..

A senior palace aide accused Megan of “unacceptable behavior” against the two personal assistants, undermining the confidence of the third and asking a law firm to investigate.

Former and current royal aides, who were prevented from submitting evidence in court during Megan’s recent legal privacy battle, are expected to speak to the investigation.

But to make it clear that the Duchess is preparing to fight what she called the “Smear Campaign,” senior palace sources wrote that her office “requested evidence.” “It was confirmed.

In response, the Queen passed the request to Prince of Wales. The closest aide to Prince of Wales is currently searching for files.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times reported that on Saturday night it was revealed that William and Harry had “contacted” for the first time since an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey last Sunday.

In an interview, I saw the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess creating a shock wave with racist accusations against the “company.”

The Duchess of Sussex wrote to Buckingham Palace, demanding that she see documents related to bullying complaints against her.

In February, two senior members of the Royal Staff claimed to have been bullied by Megan, and a third personally claimed to have been “humiliated” and claimed that the two staff had been bullied. Did.

Megan denied the accusation.

However, according to a royal source who told the Times, “There is no actual worst incidence. There are some tragic stories to tell.

“There are a lot of things that can come out of unspoken cleaning,” another source told the newspaper.

Sussexes is not expected to be invited to participate in the investigation, even though he wrote to Buckingham Palace about it. This decision could further widen the rift between the royal family and the couple.

The news is that Megan is preparing for a battle with the palace to protect her reputation:

  • The 94-year-old Queen has been systematically working to continue her “business as usual” approach since the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess interviewed Oprah Winfrey this week.
  • Megan’s friend Janina Gavankar joined the counterattack, claiming that one of the PAs had been fired for “serious misconduct” and did not leave for bullying.
  • Omid Scobie, co-author of the Sussexes biography Finding Freedom, said she saw an email from Megan asking staff to correct the story that she made the Duchess of Cambridge cry.
  • Harry and Megan’s Archiwell Foundation have announced that they will support several charities, including Mind, Mental Health Charities, Color of Change, American Citizenship, and Presspads to improve media diversity. ..
  • A previous post on Megan’s blog, The Tig, revealed that she knew everything about “the dignified conversation surrounding the royal wedding and the endless conversation about Princess Kate.” Harry;
  • The palace said that the racial issues raised in the interview with Harry and Megan, especially the proposal that a family member raised questions and concerns about the skin color of the fetal son, were taken seriously and treated personally. Stated.

Megan’s allegations of bullying elicited anger from Sussexes.

The accusation was first revealed earlier this month when an email sent by the couple’s then spokesman, Jason Nauf, was leaked to The Times.

Queen and Prince Charles Participating in the 2019 Breaker Highland Games

Queen and Prince Charles Participating in the 2019 Breaker Highland Games

Written in October 2018, when Sussexes still lived in Kensington Palace, Knauf wrote: Treatment of X [Name redacted] It was not accepted at all.

“The Duchess always seems eager to put someone in front of her. She is bullying Y and trying to hurt her confidence. There have been reports from people who have witnessed unacceptable behavior towards Y. did.

The email was sent to Simon Case, the Duke of Cambridge’s secretary, and now the Cabinet’s secretary, after Mr. Nauf had a conversation with Samantha Calcers, the palace’s director of human resources.

In an email, Knauf said Carruthers “I agreed in every way that the situation was very serious.”

Duke of Sussex and Duchess during a bomb interview with Oprah Winfrey

Duke of Sussex and Duchess during a bomb interview with Oprah Winfrey

He added:

Buckingham Palace said he was “obviously very concerned” about the allegations, adding:

However, a spokesman for the Duchess said, “I am saddened by this latest attack on her personality, especially as someone who is enthusiastic about helping those who have been targeted by bullying and have experienced pain and trauma. I’m out. “

The palace wanted any investigation to be a private matter, but it is unlikely now that a friend of the Duchess appears to have been licensed to protect Megan in public.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess did not respond to requests for comment.

Buckingham Palace brings in an outside law firm to conduct a bullying investigation

Source link Buckingham Palace brings in an outside law firm to conduct a bullying investigation

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