Bulgari Serpenti transforms into NFT art with an immersive AI installation

Bvlgari, an Italian luxury home, has transformed the Serpenti emblem into immersive AI installation artwork. It will incorporate the iconic snake design into the Metaverse to become an auctionable non-fungible token (NFT).

Located in a public installation in the heart of Piazza Duomo in Milan, this artwork is intended to represent the lifelong development of Serpenti, dubbed the name “Serpenti Metamorphosis”. Created by media artist Refik Anadol, the dynamic 3D sculpture has collected millions of pictures of nature and plants to form the brand’s first gorgeous artificial intelligence (AI) art.

Visitors to the installation can experience a multi-sensory experience with an entire space dedicated to AI images (wall-to-ceiling). Using machine learning algorithms, the image of the snake comes alive in the sculpture as an additional reference to the emblem. Created in collaboration with Firmenich and specially created using AI technology, the Rainforest Serpenti Fragrance complements the artwork.

Image: Bagrari

Anador describes the work as follows: “The concept of metamorphosis is really inspiring to me because machine intelligence has the ability to take in natural colors, patterns and shapes and reproduce them in new shapes that only exist in the mind. And I am a machine as a collaborator. When welcoming, it allows me to be invisible, visible. Metamorphosis is ideal for representing comprehensive ideas of the evolution, growth and accuracy of the world around us. It is a symbol.

“This accuracy has been proven in everything that Bvlgari does, so there are so many similarities in the exact way of creating artwork and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of Bvlgari gems.”

To expand the celebration of the Serpenti collection, the immersive experience begins in Milan and ends with artwork transformed into auctioned NFT multidimensional works of art, traveling to different cities around the world. NFTs are completely unique and collectable and are presented with tokens that give proof of ownership with the creator. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to charities of choice for Anador and Bvlgari.

Bulgari CEO Jean Christoph Babin said:

Visitors can participate in the installation through online bookings, and during October they will have the opportunity to visit the Bvlgari store on Via Montenapoleone to showcase some of the most notable works of the Serpenti collection.

To celebrate the launch, Bvlgari hosted a high-profile event that took visitors into an immersive world. In addition to performers and digital snakes, guests included Chiara Ferragni, Elodie and Tina Knakey.

Image: Bagrari From left: Refik Anadol, Chiara Ferragni, Jean-Christophe Babin

Bulgari Serpenti transforms into NFT art with an immersive AI installation

Source link Bulgari Serpenti transforms into NFT art with an immersive AI installation

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