Bushy and Richmond Park parking fees

Bushy Park and Richmond Park, located in southwest London, are large deer parks that make up the two Royal Parks in London.

People travel from all over London and the surrounding area to visit both Bushy Park and Richmond Park. Many of them go by car. As a result, parking is historically free and available to the park itself.

In the fall of 2020, Royal Park began public consultation to introduce parking fees at both Bushy Park and Richmond Park.

They argued that the money collected from the tolls would help manage the demand for parking. And that’s a problem for increasingly popular parks. They also explained that fees would motivate park users to use more sustainable transportation to reach the park.

Royal Parks explained that the money raised from parking fees will be used to invest in existing park infrastructure and projects that encourage park visits other than cars.

Talks responses revealed that there was considerable opposition to the introduction of parking fees from both Bushy Park and Richmond Park users. 81.27% of those who responded to the consultation disagreed. Online petitions for the proposal also collected about 2,500 signatures.

Nevertheless, in March 2021, Royal Parks confirmed the proposal to charge a parking fee. “We need this change because parking demand in a limited number of parking lots continues to grow,” said Andrew Scattergood, CEO of Royal Park. I am.

However, this seems to be done given that the introduction of parking fees requires parliamentary approval. It is unlikely that a vote will be held in the near future, and it is uncertain whether the bill will be passed. Earlier attempts in 2010 to introduce parking fees failed after being opposed by conservatives. Most likely to suggest similar results.

Oliver Phillips

Bushy and Richmond Park parking fees

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