By 2028, the cybersecurity industry could be worth $ 418 billion

2021 Cyber ​​security stock.. As work became more remote and cloud computing became more important, organizations realized that they were facing new challenges head-on. Companies are more aware than ever before that they need to protect themselves from data theft and other cyberattacks. Since then, the demand for high-end protection software has skyrocketed, followed by the stock prices of many cybersecurity companies.

Ransomware and cyber attacks

It starts with one employee clicking a link that looks innocent and can lead to a crisis that can cost a lot of money to the business. There are multiple ways this can happen, and risks such as production and supply chain disruptions are just a few of the risks of cyberattacks. This often happens with the help of ransomware. Ransomware can infect your computer and restrict access to all systems until a certain amount of ransom is paid to unlock it.

The global ransomware protection market is valued at $ 162.5 billion in 2020, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5% ​​and is expected to reach $ 418.3 billion by 2028.1.. COVID-19 restrictions are increasing the reliance of enterprises on remote work and cloud systems, further demonstrating the excellence of cybersecurity enterprises in the ransomware protection market. Below are some of the interesting names in the cybersecurity industry.

Fortinet Inc, founded in 2000. (FTNT) is a cybersecurity company that develops products such as firewalls, antivirus and intrusion prevention software. With a market capitalization of $ 47.8 billion, the company also engages in education and training through the Network Security Expert (NSE) cybersecurity certification program.

Cloud service company Cloudflare (NET) is an international technology company focused on cybersecurity. The company’s products help protect and evolve Internet applications without the need for additional hardware or software. These products are used by about 10% of Fortune 1,000 companies and about 18% of the top 10,000 websites, with Cloudflare’s market capitalization of $ 37.4 billion.

The name BlackBerry may be best known as one of the earliest smartphones, but since 2015 BlackBerry Ltd. (BB) has been end-to-end secure for enterprise and government customers. A provider focused on communications. BlackBerry is worth $ 5.7 billion and is also involved in the International Space Station with the advanced operating system QNX.

Mitek (MITK) is a software company focused on stopping online identity fraud. A $ 913.9 million company is working on digital identity verification built on AI solutions related to mobile imaging applications and intelligent character recognition software.

Cybersecurity and its future

The cybersecurity industry continues to grow, and as long as the threat of cyberattacks remains above us, cybersecurity companies may not go anywhere. As the CAGR forecast predicts, the market is likely to expand and investors will closely follow this.When eToro‘NS Cybersecurity Investment Portfolio, Investors can invest in a portfolio that includes a selection of cybersecurity stocks based on eToro’s asset universe.

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By 2028, the cybersecurity industry could be worth $ 418 billion

Source link By 2028, the cybersecurity industry could be worth $ 418 billion

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