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By-elections in Northern Shropshire: Liberal Democratic Party defeats Tories and suffers Johnson bruise

The Liberal Democratic Party overturned the majority of Tory and won the by-elections in Northern Shropshire with an earthquake victory. Boris Johnson

In one of the most comprehensive by-election defeats in decades, the Liberal Democratic Party Helen Morgan has won a very safe seat for conservatives with 5,925 votes.

The authority of the prime minister is LDP Large 34% of votes triggered by Owen Paterson’s resignation.

In the 2019 general election, when Johnson achieved a landslide, the former minister had a majority of nearly 23,000 people in the West Midlands constituency, Tories An abominable claim of battle on multiple fronts.

(PA graphics)

(PA graphics)

Not only the vote triggered by the Threes scandal centered on Mr. Patterson, it came after embarrassment Prime Minister It has been hit by the allegations of the party who violated the blockade of Downing Street.

And the defeat will end a horrifying week, including a massive rebellion that conservative backbenchers dealt with Johnson over the new coronavirus limits on Tuesday when Omicron variants surged.

Ms. Morgan received 17,957 votes, putting Tory candidate Neil Shastri Hurst in second place with 12,032.

“Tonight, the people of Northern Shropshire spoke on behalf of the British. They said loudly and clearly,” Boris Johnson, the party is over, “Ms. Morgan said in her victory speech. rice field.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigned in Northern Shropshire, including a meeting with people waiting to receive the Covid-19 booster vaccine (Peter Byrne / PA Wire).

(PA wire)

“Your government will be held accountable for lies and anger. It can be scrutinized, challenged and defeated.”

North Shropshire has returned Tory lawmakers in every vote since 1983. This was the first election in the constituency in its current form.

However, Brexit’s support area is deep blue and has only voted twice for another color since the inauguration of the Conservative Party in 1830.

Mr Patterson represented the members for 24 years before his resignation after the Prime Minister’s failure to protect him from a 30-day suspension.

Tonight, the people of Northern Shropshire spoke on behalf of the people of England. They said loudly and clearly, “Boris Johnson, the party is over.”

Helen Morgan

Johnson sought to force a Tory-led review of parliamentary rules after it was discovered that Paterson violated the lobbying rules of two companies paying him £ 100,000 a year.

In the Tories, several new Threes allegations were leveled in the line, eventually forcing MP to resign, hoping to escape the “cruel political world.”

With the number of elections defeated, Shastri Hurst was asked if the prime minister would blame the disastrous consequences.

“We have a positive campaign here. I am very proud of the work that everyone has done. Of course, that is a disappointing result for us,” he told reporters.

When asked if the party needed to change, he said, “We have been in the conservative government for 11 years. By-elections are by no means easy.”

In 2019, the Tories won 62.7% of the votes and a majority of 22,949 seats against Labor.

When confronting Patterson in the general election, Morgan came in third with only 10% of the votes.

Thursday’s defeat exacerbated a period of turmoil for Johnson after he opposed voting against the introduction of the Covid Health Pass, which is essential for admission to large venues.

“We are fighting for all votes,” said a spokesman for the Prime Minister, who was asked on Wednesday whether Mr Johnson would resign in the event of the fall of North Shropshire.

Sir Ed Davey, Liberal Democratic Party Leader (House of Commons / PA)

(PA wire)

The 34% change to the Liberal Democratic Party was the fourth largest by-election in the last three decades, even greater than the first seizure of the former Tories-based party since the general election.

Chesham and Amersham have been conservative bases since the establishment of the constituency in 1974, but the Liberal Democratic Party has won it with a 25% change from the Tories in July.

Ms. Morgan, a 46-year-old accountant in the village of Harmerhill in Shropshire, will be the latest MP to defeat Birmingham-based barrister Shastrihurst.

Liberal Democratic Party leader, Sir Ed davey In a statement from quarantine after a positive Covid-19 test, he said:

“Millions of people are fed up with Boris Johnson and the failure to take leadership across the pandemic, and last night North Shropshire voters spoke for them all.

“From Buckinghamshire to Shropshire, the lifelong Conservatives flocked to the Liberal Democratic Party and sent a clear message to the Prime Minister that the party was over.”

The turnout of Northern Shropshire was 46.3%, or 38,110.

By-elections in Northern Shropshire: Liberal Democratic Party defeats Tories and suffers Johnson bruise

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