C-Bee-D: New studies show that cannabis extract has a positive effect on honeybees

In the final part of our series Cannabis Health Editor, Caroline Barry shares her own story. As an Irish person using cannabis for ADHD in the UK, Caroline cannot take medicine home.

I’ve been covering for weeks story Of Irish people migrating or migrating for better access to cannabis. It covers a variety of experiences, from those who are fed up with a banned life, those who cannot afford to buy medicine, to those who cannot go home with cannabis without violating the law. ..Also Touched About Ireland’s lost businesses and taxes.

I didn’t expect myself to be part of the story, but I’m here.

My name is Caroline. Cannabis health..I am also a medical cannabis patient currently being treated ADHD.

He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 10 after it became clear that he had too much energy. Not only that, it was very difficult at school, either forgetting to move or not focusing at all. A common misconception is that people with ADHD can’t concentrate when they’re actually out of balance.

My schoolwork, even if I did it, was a mess of careless mistakes. I was too busy drawing energy by singing, running, chatting and distracting the other kids in the class.I also had Oppositional defiant disorder So teaching me what to do was a surefire way to start the fight. People with ADHD often co-exist with other symptoms such as autism and anxiety.

Growing up in the countryside of ADHD and Ireland

I grew up in the Irish countryside. There were lots of fields and coastlines for running and walking, but there wasn’t much support in terms of health care. My brain worked differently, so I was very accustomed to being described as a trouble, a handful of children, or a naughty child.Expert Estimated Children with ADHD hear an average of an additional 20,000 criticisms before they turn ten.

This was my reason not to seek healthcare. I used to take medicine cocktails when I was a kid, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything, so I stopped as a teenager. I shut down by not telling anyone that I had the condition, for fear of being treated differently. I had a hard time getting a degree. After I got my master’s degree, I couldn’t get my PhD before I got my PhD.

I made up for my days by filling them with events and fun activities. If I had a night out, a movie theater trip, or a dinner out, I was there. People with ADHD have Lower level We spend a lot of time looking for a short burst of it because it has more dopamine than people with nervousness. Whatever we find fun or new, it helps to replenish it.

I finally moved from Ireland in 2012 for financial reasons. After a recession, housing collapse, and a series of financial scandals, the country knelt down. It became increasingly clear that there were few jobs, money was disastrous, and there were no jobs at the end of the master’s degree.So i left together 54,000 Other Irish people of the year. The worst immigration year on Irish record.

ADHD: A woman with blue shoulder-length hair wears a black T-shirt with lettering and heads to the camera.She is sitting in a cornfield

Neurodiversity and COVID time

There is still research to be done on how the pandemic affected us with neurodiversity. In my case, it increased my overconcentration and collapsed on Christmas with stress and malaise. My hyperfocus disables my ability to switch off at the end of the day. Someone might recognize 5pm as a clock-off time, but I can’t, and I often work until midnight if possible.

I needed medicine to help relieve this.

I also needed to help fall asleep. I went to the gymnasium and sat at my desk all day burning the extra energy I had accumulated. When everything was closed, I had nowhere to go, so I was just at home. This led to sleep deprivation, which I would go for days without proper rest.

I was exhausted and burned out.

NHS help

I finally desperately tried to access more pharmaceutical methods to treat ADHD. My GP introduced me to Nottingham’s ADHD support service. There was a phone call for the first rating.

It’s very nervous to go to a new doctor when you have an immediate invisible condition. I’m not taken seriously and I’m afraid you’ll be at the mercy of someone’s interpretation of your condition. I couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I screamed for help. I lost my job, my partner and my friends and my life was shaped by having ADHD. So when the doctor said I didn’t feel my ADHD was bad enough as a medicine, I felt frustrated and gave up. I’ve managed it myself for years, why is it so annoying to see now?

I have complained, but more than half a year has passed and I am waiting for a reply about the treatment.

Cannabis was already a big part of my life. I’ve been writing for years, so it was a surprise I had never thought of before. While studying the story, I noticed that the clinic is providing medical cannabis for ADHD.

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Cannabis promotes my hyperfocus and helps calm the thoughts and excess energy of racing that keeps awake at night. There isn’t much cannabis research on ADHD, and the ones that exist tend to be recent.

The 2020 study on CBN showed potentially promising results. It took an adult with a prescription for ADHD and medical cannabis. I was asked to use a questionnaire to record patterns of symptoms, sleep, and anxiety. One group of 59 participants was given higher doses and recorded lower drug use. Low-dose individuals reported less anxiety.

Life-changing medicine

Ratings from private medical cannabis clinics were life-changing. Not only did the doctor listen to everything I had to say, but he had no judgment. I felt I was able to talk about some of the darker parts of ADHD that I wasn’t good at talking to NHS doctors.

To reach this stage, I had to get all the last information from the various GPs that have been dealing with me for years. This may sound easy, but I have lived in Ireland, Italy and the UK three times and moved from one country to another. Not only that, the psychiatrist who diagnosed me died in 2020, and my childhood doctor retired.

The relief of being told that you can drink medical cannabis is immeasurable. Before that, I procured as much as I could, so I didn’t know what I had or when I had it. I distributed a small amount I could get, and never knew what was working or wasn’t working.

ADHD: A white woman with short pastel pink hair wears a leopard scarf and blue headphones around her neck.


My cannabis arrived at my front door from the rock show in a small white tub. For those who have never had a prescription, having a white tub with a cannabis-filled drug label felt unrealistic.

I’m still learning to use it properly by getting the perfect arc and working routine. I only had it for a few weeks, so I still have time to learn all of this. It’s also important to note that people with ADHD can forget their medications, so there’s something in the house that can help you relax and sleep.

I no longer have to worry about rations, I can actually have as much as I need. I also know what’s in my medicine, rather than trusting strangers to be candid about it.

I started writing a series on immigration after learning that there are many Irish people who have left or are on their way to access. Many of them were in pain and really needed better access to medicines that Ireland did not offer.

When I was writing about immigrants as immigrants, I realized that I now have another problem. I’ve always wanted to go home after a while, but doing so means I’ll lose in two ways.

First of all, my job as a cannabis writer does not exist in Ireland. I’ve spent years accumulating this information to research and understand how this industry works. The Irish media industry is very difficult to enter as a strange woman from West Cork, not Dublin, as well as women. There are no cannabis publications there, and there are no large-format, regular reports on the industry.

Second, my cannabis prescription is invalid in Ireland. You will need a prescription from the Irish GP, which is not available. If a person with chronic pain from cancer does not have an affordable prescription, or if a person with fibromyalgia does not have a prescription at all, I do not imagine my chances. This is why people leave.

You cannot return to your own country without risking arrest or taking medication. One option is to keep my medicine at home, but my symptoms recur. The other is to take the risk and see what happens. The final choice is to access it once it has landed. That means returning to Ireland’s thriving black market and seizing opportunities.

Contacted Frank Fagan and the Minister of Health Stephen Donnelly.. I sent them my article about immigration unanswered. I gave an overview of the problems when I got home. Mr. Fagan Minister of Public Health, Welfare and National Drug Strategy. He responded with a fast google, basically saying nothing about my case, with a cut-and-paste response that I could have found on the internet. I haven’t returned anything since that response. Stephen Donnelly never replied.

I don’t risk it. My family is so important to me that I can never visit Ireland again, it’s my home. There is deep sadness in knowing that you cannot go home until this is fixed, but there is even greater sadness in knowing it.

thank you Aoife, Adrian, Alicia When Joe The people who talked to me as part of the series.

C-Bee-D: New studies show that cannabis extract has a positive effect on honeybees

Source link C-Bee-D: New studies show that cannabis extract has a positive effect on honeybees

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