Cabinet may U-turn foreign HGV driver visas

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The minister reports that the post-Brexit immigration rules may be ready to make a U-turn to ease the shortage of truck drivers.

This happens because hoarding forms a large number of lines outside the vestibule after a few BP and Tesco gas stations are closed. Gas stations have recently struggled to supply fuel due to a shortage of truck drivers. This is due to several causes, but mainly Brexit and Covid. The Financial Times and I will introduce a “temporary” visa for HGV drivers at today’s (September 24th) intergovernmental meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of an effort to avoid the crisis. Reported to approve. It is said that the proposal was taken over. Earlier today, it became clear that the government was considering options to solve the labor shortage in the food sector. Including the possibility of changing visa arrangements for seasonal workers.. Environment Secretary George Eustice is considering changing the seasonal agricultural worker system (a quota-based system that farmers can recruit from abroad) amid concerns about food shortages and the possibility of buying up this Christmas. Suggested. A similar move for HGV drivers is an important U-turn for governments urging the sector to rely more on their own labor, and Home Secretary Priti Patel appears to be particularly resistant to easing immigration rules. I am.

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Cabinet may U-turn foreign HGV driver visas

Source link Cabinet may U-turn foreign HGV driver visas

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