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Call for “wartime leaders” at address 10 after Brexit resigns


Oris Johnson’s “boosterism” will not see him through the crisis currently involving No. 10, as the resignation of a major ally prompted more questions about the prime minister’s future, Tory officials said. Stated.

Brexit Sir Frost resigned on Saturday night with “immediate effect” and previously Prime Minister He will quit his job in January.

Sir Frost’s departure is described as a “watershed,” citing the government’s “current direction”, concerns about “forced” covid measures, and Britain’s desire to become a “loosely regulated, low-tax” economy. I did. It was a very damaging week for the Prime Minister.

Tobias Ellwood Chairman of the Commons Defense Select Committee (Bournemouth East) said many Conservative colleagues shared a desire to be “consistent where they wanted to go.”

He told Times Radio: Within the places we want to go, we need to include people and improve our No. 10 decision making.

“Like a wartime leader, you need a powerful No. 10 machine, and you need a No. 10 machine around Boris Johnson. You need to improve it.

“Boosterism, energy is not enough in these current situations alone.”

Peterborn Wellingborough lawmakers told Trevor Philips on Sunday in Sky News: And I think that’s what Lord Frost is talking about.

“I think part of the rebellion of 100 conservative lawmakers is partly due to the fact that the Prime Minister wants to move to a more conservative agenda in the future.”

Sir Frost said he was concerned about the government’s “travel direction” (Peter Burn / PA). / / PA wire

Mr. Bourne also said he agreed with Sir Frost’s concerns about the prospect of “forced measures” to control the coronavirus.

Parliamentarians said: “I canceled all face-to-face meetings and staff gatherings. I canceled. I don’t go to crowded places, but it’s up to the individual to decide. What I do every day You don’t have to ask the state to tell you what you have to do. In that respect, yes, and then Lord Frost. “

Call for “wartime leaders” at address 10 after Brexit resigns

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