Call The Midwife Selected as Best Show in the Last 25 Years

Call The Midwife has been named the best show of the last 25 years in a recent poll.

A true-to-life BBC historical drama follows a group of midwives working in the East End of London in the late 1950s dealing with the pressures of everyday life and the changing times. ..

In a poll to commemorate the 25th anniversary of RadioTimes.com, website readers were asked to vote for the best shows of the last 25 years from a list created by the website’s television experts.

Lead the vote with 25% of the votes and call the winning midwife.

The BBC also managed to secure second place with Doctor Who, who won 13% of the total votes after the cult science fiction program.

Co-third place was Line of Duty and Sherlock with 7% of the votes, and Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones with 5% and 4% of the votes, respectively.

Heidi Thomas, creator of Call The Midwife, describes this achievement as follows: It was a really nice surprise.

“When you’ve been doing it for as long as we know, you know it’s no longer the thrill of new things, so I think it tells a lot about the loyalty of our audience, but we. Also about the fact that we’re doing something right to keep the show fresh as we move forward. I think it’s the most encouraging thing in itself. ”

Jenny Agutter has played Sister Julienne in the BBC One drama since its launch in 2012 (Danny Lawson / PA).

She added: “I don’t think dramas should be competitive in terms of defeating other shows. I think every drama of note has something to offer to the viewer. These days, various streamers. Various programs are provided to viewers.

“We’re really proud that there’s still a show that’s been very recently and very much promoted.”

Call the Midwife’s first series, set in 1957, aired on BBC One in 2012. After that, there are 10 more series each year and an annual Christmas special.

Since its launch, the show has incorporated a variety of stars into its casting lineup, including Miranda Hart, Helen George and Jenny Agutter.

Readers of other shows were given the opportunity to vote for the included Fleabag, Gavin, Stacey, and The Wire.

Call The Midwife Selected as Best Show in the Last 25 Years

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