Can I take the free Covid test from April?

Most people have to pay for the Covid test starting Friday, with a few exceptions.

NHS staff, hospice staff, and some prison staff facing patients will continue to receive free immunochromatography tests, even in the absence of viral symptoms.

The end of all free tests from April 1st is part of the government’s “Living with Covid” plan. However, there are plans to enable rapid inspection response in the event of new health threats such as new concerns.

Who will take the free test?

The government’s plan is to provide a free symptom test if the hospital needs a PCR test to care for the patient.

Covid will contact you directly to those at high risk of serious illness, will send you a free laterial flow test, will be able to use it at home if you have symptoms, and will also teach you how to reorder the tests. ..

People who live or work in a high-risk environment can also take a free test. These include long-term care facility staff and residents, NHS workers facing patients, and people working and living in hospice. People are also tested before being discharged from the hospital to a care facility or hospice.

Free inspections are also conducted in detention areas such as prisons and immigration bureaus, and infections need to be quickly identified to minimize outbreaks.

However, most visitors to the adult social care environment, as well as visitors to the NHS, prison, or detention center, do not need to take the test.

Why is the free test ending?

According to the government, Covid infections and hospitalizations have increased in recent weeks, but more than half (55%) of hospitalized patients who test positive do not use Covid as their primary diagnosis.

Free universal testing cost taxpayers a lot, and from 2021 to 22 the budget for testing, tracking and quarantine exceeded £ 15.7 billion. This was necessary due to the serious risks Covid poses when the population is not highly protected.

However, the minister said, thanks to the success of vaccination programs and access to antiviral drugs, the population is now much more resistant to the virus, thanks to the growing scientific and public understanding of how to manage natural immunity and risk. Says it has strong protection.

From April 1st, the updated guidance will be given to people who have symptoms of respiratory infections, including Covid-19, who are hot or sick, until they feel good enough to stay at home with others. Try to avoid contact. ” Resuming normal activity, they are no longer hot. This includes school children. If you test positive for Covid, “Please stay home for 5 days.”

The government needs to leave the house if there are symptoms or if the test results are positive, such as avoiding close contact with people with weakened immunity, wearing face covers, avoiding crowded areas, etc. He states that he will provide advice to individuals.

Sajid Javid, Minister of Health and Secretary of State for Social Welfare, said: We have made great strides, but we will maintain our ability to respond to future threats, including potential variants.

“Vaccines are still the best defense and are currently providing spring boosters for the elderly, caregiver residents, and the most vulnerable people to protect themselves, your family, and your community. Please come forward. ”

Can I take the free Covid test from April?

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