Can we send €10,000 via ACE Money Transfer in one transaction?

ACE Money Transfer is a worldwide remittance solution for all customers around the globe. People in the modern world travel miles to earn bread for their families or to support multiple needs. In the process of doing so, they essentially need to send money to Bangladesh or any other country. The major setback one can experience; is a lack of reliable resources to make a money transfer. ACE Money Transfer strikes in the situation of difficulty and allows extensive methods to transfer money overseas, eradicating all sorts of barriers & hurdles. ACE stands as the only remittance solution that provides cost-effective & swift international payments.

After extensive research in the remittance industry, ACE has tried to respond to a broad category of resistance factors. If you are new to the remittance industry, the following article will guide you to the best solution for all your remittance transfer problems.

Can you send money to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer?

People can now benefit from the recent collaboration between ACE Money Transfer & AGRANI Bank. The leading initiative by ACE has extended the support for the customers. It has been made possible by the aid of consistent efforts set forth by leading remittance service providers. ACE now introduces the ultimate BKASH mobile wallet. People from all around the world can directly send money to Bangladesh using the BKASH mobile wallet. The recipients in Bangladesh can receive their desired payments using BKASH mobile wallet easily and quickly.

For most of the overseas residents, the following question stands of higher significance. Although managing ways to earn money is complex and highly critical. But what is more frustrating than sending a money transfer to your homeland after a long day of suffering?

What is BKASH mobile wallet?

There have been various amendments in the technological enhancements since the 2000’s era. Compared to the ancient methods of storing money in your wallet, the modern e-wallet is the latest technological revolution. There is no second thought about the fact, that the latest e-wallet service is the best thing you would come across. As it resolves more than all your worries associated with online payment transactions. Customers can achieve beyond expectations with just the appropriate usage of the e-wallet. As a result of the successful collaboration between ACE Money Transfer & AGRANI bank, the BKASH mobile wallet is brought into the market. People can send money to Bangladesh from any corner of the world, and the beneficiaries can perform multiple payments directly with the aid of BKASH mobile wallet. BKASH service is available at approximate 250,000 outlets spread widely across the country. Following the recent outbreak of covid pandemic, BKASH mobile wallet is considered as one of the efficient methods to perform contactless delivery of rapid payments.

How can you receive payments in Bangladesh?

People in Bangladesh can receive payments with the aid of Agrani Bank-Bangladesh. The Agrani bank is owned by the state of Bangladesh and has been in existence since 1972. Over the years of providing excellence and trusted services, the Agrani Bank is one the leading & reliable financial institutions. The two major ways, one can receive international payments in Bangladesh are:

How can you receive international payments from Agrani Bank?

ACE Money Transfer understands the nature of complexity, people usually come across while receiving international payments. This is exactly why ACE has paired up with one of the leading networks of financial banking corporations. So, that people can receive remittance amounts from any branch & bank account of the Agrani Bank. There are around 960 branches of Agrani Bank in Bangladesh, so you can count on receiving money in any corner of Bangladesh with comfort. It doesn’t matter anymore, wherever you are situated in Bangladesh. All you need is to reach out to the nearest Agrani bank concerning the cash pickup. You may need to provide the following documents that would be required for the verification process at cash pickup.

  1. Proof of Identity (NIC/Passport)
  2. Transaction ID
  3. 14- digit PIN or verification Code

Why choose ACE for International Funds Transfer?

There are numerous factors that help ACE stand out from the rest of the competitors in the remittance industry. Let’s have a quick overview of the benefits one can enjoy while making an online money transfer to Bangladesh.

Best Competitive Exchange Rates

Who would want to miss out on an amazing opportunity to grab exclusive exchange rates? ACE is the only remittance service provider, that offers the best competitive exchange rates for your international fund’s transfer.

Cost-Effective Transactional Costs

When an expat sends money from overseas, the transactional cost is a significant aspect. Normally when you send money online to Bangladesh or any country, the transactional costs add up to reduce the total receivable amount at the beneficiary’s end. ACE is recognized for delivering minimal and cost-effective transactional costs for your remittance transactions. So, customers can send maximum money to their friends & families.

Swift & Secure Payments

Security has become one of the leading concerns, as the fraudulent groups have been hustling in the market for quite a long time. ACE Money Transfer holds high-level end-to-end encryption for your payment transfer transactions. With the appropriate incorporation of security privileges and protocols, ACE ensures to deliver swift and secure online money transfers.


It is evident that people are more interested in reliable and trusted means of money transfer. For sure, all the people residing overseas can avail the luxurious benefits of making a money transfer to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer. As ACE has left a mark in the competitive market by providing exceptional and premium remittance services. All you need is a simple process- and you are all good to send money to Bangladesh.

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