“Canadian Electric Vehicle Arrives in London, Delivering Message to Parts Suppliers”

Automotive manufacturers across London and Southwestern Ontario are being rallied to participate in the creation of the next all-Canadian electric vehicle, promising potential millions in supplier contracts as the electric vehicle (EV) sector continues its upward trajectory. Flavio Volpe, CEO of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (AMPA), emphasized this opportunity during a Monday morning assembly of local industry stakeholders at RBC Place London.

At the helm of this initiative is Project Arrow, a prototype EV crafted from parts sourced exclusively from Canadian manufacturers. Representing an investment of $20 million, Project Arrow serves as a tangible demonstration of the industry’s capabilities. Showcased at international trade events, Project Arrow has already generated $500 million in sales for Canadian suppliers, demonstrating the market potential unlocked by showcasing real-world applications of domestically produced components.

The AMPA aims to build upon this success with Arrow 2.0, envisaging a fleet of six to 24 vehicles equipped with cutting-edge parts and technologies. These vehicles will serve as ambassadors for Canadian manufacturing prowess, touring global trade shows to promote the nation’s offerings to a broader audience.

Volpe underscored the effectiveness of tangible demonstrations, citing instances where manufacturers secured contracts after witnessing components in action within the Arrow prototype. For instance, Quebec-based Fastco began supplying wheels to Kia and Hyundai following their exposure to the Arrow’s innovations.

Rich Roes, plant manager at Schaeffler Canada Inc. in Stratford, echoed the sentiment, expressing enthusiasm for leveraging the Arrow project to showcase his company’s capacity to support the EV market. Recognizing the shift from internal combustion vehicles to EVs, Roes emphasized the importance of expanding manufacturing capabilities to accommodate the evolving automotive landscape.

The burgeoning EV sector holds significant implications for the local industrial economy, with major investments from automakers like Volkswagen and Stellantis bolstering the region’s prominence in the EV battery manufacturing space. Despite challenges such as supply chain disruptions and fluctuating consumer demand, industry stakeholders remain committed to advancing the EV agenda, anticipating a gradual but inevitable transition.

For suppliers like FellFab, a textile manufacturer in Hamilton, involvement in projects like Arrow represents an opportunity to spearhead innovation and cultivate a new generation of talent within the industry. With an eye toward the future, companies like FellFab are eager to contribute to the ongoing evolution of Canada’s automotive sector.

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