Cannabidiol launches UK’s first clinically tested CBD skin patch

The lack of CBD as daily nutrition is causing a major health crisis, the founders of Masterplant and Me CBD write, Orios Good.

Conversations about CBD, especially in mainstream media, have focused on factors that are detrimental to a true understanding of the benefits of CBD.

Rather than seeing cannabis as a “cure,” the debate needs to be restructured and focused on the lack of CBD. Because daily nutrition causes a major health crisis.

CBD helps us to rebalance ourselves as individuals and the wider society. After the 18-month blockade and the growing mental health crisis, changing mindsets has become more important than ever.

Persistent misunderstanding

A quick Google search for top CBD-related questions reveals some false ideas about CBD – “is it a bad drug?” Or “is it legal?” Or “it’s a cancer treatment.” Is it a law? ”

CBD must be part of our daily nutrition. Photo: Me CBD

This lack of information highlights the scale of the challenges when we see this country as an important element of our daily nutrition.

It is subject to scrutiny that does not exist in other welfare industries. And there is a problem there. It is somehow considered different because it comes from beneficial plants that have been outlawed for illegal reasons for years. The bottom line is that wise discussions are suppressed.

With cannabis as the first drug banned in the UK in 1928, we don’t have a living memory of about an hour before it was banned.

As a result, we have lost our understanding of the potential benefits to society. Instead, a moral panic grew up around it. The fact that this banned culture has existed for nearly 100 years means that misunderstandings are sadly linked to many spirits.

In a sense, it’s the same as how the mental health debate is suppressed by some cultures and societies. Of course, our mental health is an important part of our lives, and so is CBD.

As a society, we need to move away from the culture and thinking of prohibitionism. We need to abandon the shackles of the past and focus like a laser on a clear scientific basis for its important role in the regulation of our body.

Activate what is already in us

Adding CBD to your daily nutrition is a game changer and we need to communicate this more publicly.

It has the ability to regulate and balance numerous processes in the body, including immune response, cell-cell communication, appetite and metabolism and memory. There is plenty of new compelling evidence to highlight its benefits, which appear to have received little attention in the mainstream media.

Recent report from Public health frontier Show patient Chronic pain, PTSD and Sleeping disorder After starting medical cannabis treatment, they found their condition improved. Thankfully, titles like Cannabis Health report on these important breakthroughs.

CBD nutrition

Cannabis has been shown to improve sleep. Photo: Me CBD

All CBD does is rejuvenate the body Endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). The “lack” of CBD has a negative impact on our health as individuals, and I would like to insist on our society.

From our own evidence, tests with products of people who are clearly suffering from a variety of illnesses, from chronic pain to anxiety, have shown surprising results.

One client had a hard time walking for seven years because of a pain in his leg. She took CBD and is now dancing and laughing – this seems like a miracle – but in the absence of a balanced diet containing cannabinoids, miraculous nutrition is just right.

Have a wider field of view

Part of reconstructing the debate over CBD is to look outside our own narrow and narrow parameters to benefit from a broader lens perspective.

In my long experience of working and traveling abroad, I am impressed with the much more mature understanding that other societies have about the power of botany and botany to help regulate our system. I did.

Indeed, the inspiration for our brand was Margaret Me, one of the most important figures who went deep into the Amazon in the 1950s and highlighted the rare and precious plants found there. Margaret Me used fearless creativity to show the world the beauty and power of plants. This is the mission we share today.

In particular, the opening of the world over the last two decades has been somehow underway to open up to the role that CBD and other plants can play as part of a balanced life. These are the basis of the well-being of so many societies.Western countries, on the other hand, dominate the list of suffering countries Mental health epidemic As revealed by Our World In Data.

These countries also suffer from imbalances caused by overeating and drinking. This is a licensed and most dangerous drug.

Government role to play

Of course, the “solutions” to these crises ensure that the pharmaceutical industry provides them properly and remains very profitable.

A hugely funded global company with a strong army of lobbyists invites governments to call and attack doctors for information on why prescription drugs are the answer to all our illnesses. It is inevitable to make a lot of money. However, these drugs only address the symptoms, not the causes.

By adjusting our system and restoring balance, CBD has the ability to deny the need for powerful prescription drugs, but our industry is still in its infancy. David compared it to Goliath, a major pharmaceutical company.

The government should refuse lobbying, see compelling evidence, and promote CBD as it promoted milk for good teeth and bones, rather than a slightly unpleasant arm length relationship.

They need to invest in several large, double-blind trials that show the benefits of CBD in different areas. This helps level the competition and, of course, does not require much use of the NHS, which ultimately saves a lot of government.

Project Twenty21 By the end of 2021, 20,000 patients will be subsidized for cannabis products, which should help provide compelling data to change their mindset.

Water-soluble CBD can change the game

CBD nutrition

Water-soluble CBD can be a game changer. Photo: Me CBD

Of course, in addition to winning the debate with the government, we need to win around the people. The secret is how to consume it to appeal to people.

Next-generation CBD is water-soluble and can catalyze change. Because it can be added to food and drink, people can see how it can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives and transfer CBD from our shelves to our kitchen. prize.

This helps to literally reposition it, away from past misconceptions, as part of our daily nutrition. In addition, enhanced bioavailability and ultra-fast-acting water solubility should produce outstanding results, further driving CBD into a more mainstream life.

As consumers and the media are better educated about the benefits of CBD, we can see it from a new perspective. It is no longer around society, unknown, resentful to the entity, but an important factor in achieving the balance that is essential to our well-being.

Ori Osgood is the CEO of Me CBD And the master plant After 14 years of private equity investment and financial director experience, he was previously CEO of Virgin Group and Strauss Group. He is a graduate of London Business School and holds an ACA qualification.

Cannabidiol launches UK’s first clinically tested CBD skin patch

Source link Cannabidiol launches UK’s first clinically tested CBD skin patch

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