Card rejected? Here are viable alternatives for making international payments

International card payments are subject to many checks due to the prevalence of scams. These checks are important, but they make it more difficult for you to pay for a service or top up your account for online purchases.

The scrutiny is understandable because banks and financial service providers are mandated to secure your money and ensure that they never get into the wrong hands. In some cases, you may be required to provide additional documentation for verification purposes, but satisfying these checks is sometimes difficult and may affect your plans.

Many international service providers have begun to explore alternative payment options. Most international service providers have started to use MiFinity as an alternative payment processor in Norway. Several online casinos prefer alternative payment processors to traditional banks. Alternative payment options are springing up everywhere because they are easier to use. Although rigorous at times, their requirements are easier to satisfy if you own an account with them.

This article will educate you on some alternative international payment options.

 What do you do when your card is rejected for an international payment?

Many international card payments are performed online. They are necessitated by the growth of eCommerce and digital marketing solutions. The fast-paced growth in these sectors is majorly responsible for the demand for consistent innovative payment solutions.

With digital currency initiatives, we now have alternatives to traditional banking. The upward trend of digital currencies is helping businesses to trim time and money losses.

A rejected international card payment can be very frustrating, especially if you are in a race against time. Banks can reject your card or deny your payment for different reasons. With the availability of alternative payment options, you can rest assured and perform international transactions anytime you wish at the click of a button.

With several options available, nobody should have to battle with a rejected card payment.

Here are some alternative means for making international payments when your card is rejected:

Cryptocurrency payments are beginning to gain popularity because of their relative ease. Many cryptocurrencies are not domiciled in any country, so transactions are not defined as local or international. Transactions through cryptocurrencies are fast and simple. The downside is that most cryptocurrency payments are not traceable. As such, a lot of scams can be perpetrated using crypto payments.

Third-party payment platforms make international payments easy. They work by allowing you to fund a wallet on their applications or website from your card or directly from your bank. You can then transfer funds to another user of the platform in another country, or you can make direct international purchases from the wallet.

Most phone companies have started developing payment solutions that allow users to make transfers among themselves. Examples include Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. Their operation is largely similar to the third-party money transfer platforms, but the verification is much easier.


With these options available, you can say goodbye to rejected card transactions and begin to enjoy making smooth international payments.

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