Cardiff-Anglesey Airlink will reopen this fall

Cardiff-Anglesey aviation service will resume this fall after being grounded last year.

Service was suspended in March 2020 as a pandemic struck the aviation sector around the world.

The Wales airline between Cardiff and Valley airports has been suspended since then under the guidance of the Welsh government, but operator Eastern Air Lines has updated today.

They say: “Eastern Air Lines services will continue to be carefully reintroduced as Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed and extensive cleaning measures are taken on all aspects of the cabin and airport for the safety of all passengers.

“In September, Eastern Air Lines will resume its route from Cardiff to Anglesey in line with the deregulation of the Wales government.”

Eastern Air Lines today launched its first service between Cardiff Airport and Belfast City Airport.

Roger Hage, General Manager of Eastern Air Lines, said:

“Eastern Air Lines aims to support the UK region and connect people and places, so adding services to the hubs that already serve will help the economic recovery of Wales and Ireland. Another important part of prosperity. “

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Cardiff-Anglesey Airlink will reopen this fall

Source link Cardiff-Anglesey Airlink will reopen this fall

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