Carl Cox will select the top 10 tracks from the Awesome Soundwave label towards the end of the UK tour.

Carl Cox will end his UK tour next weekend with shows in Maidstone, Manchester and Glasgow.

Prior to the final weekend of the tour, iconic DJs will host their only show in London this year at The Drumsheds on Saturday night.


Having been entertaining the world at his studio in Melbourne during a pandemic during a cabin fever session, Karl began his post-blocking activities with this summer’s UK tour and inspiring memoirs. I hit a bookstore last month.

We caught up with Carl this week and asked him to talk about the top 10 tracks that are rocking his label Awesome Soundwave, the label he runs with his friend Christopher Coe. Listen and read what he had to say about the music below.


“This works so well that I load it in a set. It’s the right techno, no frills or punches. I’m also working on a Hybrasil album. You’ll love it!”

Saytek-Separation (live)

“I’m one of my favorite live artists because he goes straight to techno and goes there again without any confusion! This is from his new album” Motifs from the New World “, September 24th. It will be released on ASW on the day! “

Hannes Beeger-Planetary Poetry (featuring Ursula Lacquer)

“Hannes’s work sounds very good! His work is great, this track is timeless and now very relevant! It was the coup that the legendary poet Ursula Lacquer participated in!”

Julian Shaptal-Use Your Mind

“Julian’s funky songs like this are also great production and his album at ASW is great. There are lots of great songs! And great live artists, really dynamic and solid!”

Ann on Bust-Return to Garden

“Anna is a truly special and talented live artist, and her album,” I Create as I Speak, “with 18 amazing tracks really shows the variety of her work. quality! “


“Acid doctor Honey Smacks rocks live and all his tracks are played completely improvised. He recorded the album in one day in my studio and cut out the sessions to create the tracks. Entity is one of my favorites. We will soon release a remix of the legendary MSTRKRFT and CJ Bolland! “

Digital Africa-Midlife Focus

“These boys have something really special. The moment they first heard their music, they knew they needed to get them on the label. They were from Jose Marquez and TEYMORI. They have a great new EP to come up with remixes and will release their album shortly. I love their live show with Karen Bravo’s dance and all the organic percussion! “

Charlie Sotenson-Stream

“Charlie is a very talented sonic explorer! His album” Kretsloop “is deeeeeeep and I love how he makes sounds and rhythms. Amazingly fresh and I love it! “

Christopher Coe-Headland

“My man Christopher, who runs the label with me and is a very talented artist in itself. This track was the first release on the label prior to his amazing album MNTNS of SLNC. What he was doing The album set the benchmark for us to go from there He wrote this album and the techno he climbed the mountains of Ireland and was inspired by the landscape, all new When I came to talk about how I was making a live show, I was fascinated by the whole concept, so I decided to start this label. This album was the beginning. “

Matt Playford-Kick 8462852

“Matt is a really talented genius. When he’s not growing chili peppers, he’s making a great piece of music! His album” Solar “is the label’s second album and it’s really a era. It’s packed with transcendental melody and grooves. We love Matt’s work and can’t wait to hear his latest work. But I think he’s been busy harvesting peppers lately, so I have to wait a bit. I’m sure it’s worth it! “

Carl Cox will select the top 10 tracks from the Awesome Soundwave label towards the end of the UK tour.

Source link Carl Cox will select the top 10 tracks from the Awesome Soundwave label towards the end of the UK tour.

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