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Carmarthenshire’s “ignored” sports facility has been closed due to unsafe use

A popular sports facility in the town of Carmarthenshire was closed due to public safety concerns, alleging that it was ignored by the local council.

Ammanford’s artificial sports pitch behind the town’s leisure center Carmarthenshire The council after they conducted the inspection on November 25th.

This is a risk of slipping and injury when players, including school children, use it, as some of the pitches have been severely damaged and others have been covered with thick moss. Has increased.

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The surface, first installed in the early 1990s, is used in various sports clubs, especially during the winter when other areas are off limits due to bad weather.

One local lawmaker said the entire surface had to be replaced, and this issue actually highlights “lack of maintenance of the Amman Valley facility.”

Rob James, Labor Party leader of the Carmarthenshire Council, said:

“This AstroTurf has contributed to the community for the past 30 years, but it is clear that the council no longer maintains the facility, and frankly, it’s time for us to completely replace the AstroTurf. I did. “

Concerned about the condition of the artificial stadium, it was closed.

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James added: “Because of this closure, the lack of sports facilities in Ammanford, the lack of construction of a new school for Ammanford students, and the condition of the Ammanford Children’s Park, the area has always been treated as a poor relationship in Carmarthenshire. You can see that this plaid Cymru administration.

“We sent a letter to the council calling for the Astro Turf to be replaced immediately with a maintenance fee.”

In response to Councilor James’s allegations, the Carmarthenshire Council’s Plaid Cymru Group said plans were already underway to upgrade the facilities used by Ysgol Dyffryn Aman.

A spokesman for this group said: Councilor Rob James seems unaware of the next step in upgrading the all-weather pitch as part of the planned improvements at the external facility. To fulfill this desire, positive meetings are being held with schools, FAWs, other funding agencies, and sports governing bodies.

“It has been extensively done by the Council’s Actif Community Sports Development Team, which has witnessed the emergence of popular new activities such as walking football as it continues to work closely with local clubs and community groups. Supporting development work. And this should be seen in a broader context. The plaid-led county council is the site master plan for the Amman Valley Leisure Center, based on the £ 20 million already invested in the school itself. Secured funds to develop.

“Recently, more than £ 600,000 has been spent on upgrading the interior of the leisure center, including new wetside replacement facilities and air conditioning systems. It’s a temporary situation because Councilor James doesn’t know the big picture clearly. It’s sad to jump in. It’s a desperate attempt for political interest. “

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Carmarthenshire's "ignored" sports facility has been closed due to unsafe use

Source link Carmarthenshire's "ignored" sports facility has been closed due to unsafe use

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