Caroline Crouch suspected that her husband had a relationship with her ex-husband before strangling

Mental health counselor testimony revealed that CAROLINE Crouch suspected that he was having an affair with his ex-husband before he was strangled.

20-year-old Brit was suffocated by the pilot’s husband. Charalambos “Babis” Anagnostopoulos, May 11th, 1 year old daughter Lydia lay nearby.


Caroline, 20, reportedly talked in detail about her relationship with the pilot and told the counselor how clever he was.Credit: Tim Stewart

And now, according to reports from the Greek press, dramatic exposure to Caroline’s relationship with Bubbis Anagnostopros is revealed by secret testimony given by their mental health counselor Helen Milonoprou. it was done To..

In a four-hour testimony, the couple’s mental health counselor elaborated on the session with Caroline.

As a result of the new information, a new judicial investigation into violent crimes in Glyka Nera will be launched.

Caroline, 20, reportedly described in detail her relationship with the pilot, expressing suspicions about other women in his life and describing how clever he was.

According to a report from ALPHA, Mylonopoulou suspected that the couple were in a tense relationship and Caroline might have another woman in the pilot’s life.

“In January, Caroline began to suspect that her husband had returned to one of the women she knew before her marriage,” the counselor said.

“She knew from his work that he had two women with whom he had previously had a relationship.”

The session between Caroline and Mirono Plou began in November 2020 after Bavis called her and claimed that her wife was suffering from postpartum depression.

However, she emphasized from the first session that when she was left alone, she began to tell her that the real problem was that she wanted to leave her home.

“She couldn’t stand his operation anymore. She lived under his full control for 24 hours. She was trapped in a house and couldn’t go anywhere without his permission, He always called the same when he needed to go out, a taxi that his friend had, “said Mylonopoulou.

A mental health counselor said Caroline described her authoritarian husband, who had complete control over her and separated her from everyone.

“She could no longer withstand his maneuvers. She lived 24 hours under his full control.”

Caroline counselor, Ms. Milonoprou

The pilot placed the device on his cell phone to see where Caroline was and separated her from her friends. He accompanied her to every session, she said, and when she started talking alone, she was afraid to hear what he was saying.

She also said the session was abruptly interrupted and Caroline opened and began seeking advice. She believes this was done at the age of 33.

The couple’s counselor is said to have mentioned the visit she received from Bavis Anagnostpros in early June, just before his proceedings began.

She said he seemed to be “overwhelmed” by the sadness of his deceased wife.

Mylonopoulou also said she was trying to “fish” for notes taken from conversations between them while the pilot was asking her what she was going to report to police.

Finally, Ms. Milonoprou testified that she had been threatened with her life. “They called me and asked if they testified to the police about what Caroline said in the session,” she said.

“A few days later, I received a threatening call from a stranger who was threatening to kill me, saying,’You pay me.’ “

If Caroline’s distressed dad knew the morbid truth about how his daughter died, the revelation would come after saying, “I blew the murderer’s head.”

Anagnostopoulos confessed to his horrific crime after more than eight hours of cross-examination. Police officers described him as a “top-class actor.”

Caroline’s David, 78, a retired oil executive dad last week Talked about his anguish After they comforted each other at Caroline’s funeral.

He and his wife, Susan, later discovered that police had taken Anagnostpros from his daughter’s memorial service and confronted evidence to prove him. Was a killer..

David said Daily mail: “If I knew what he did when he was here, I would have blown his lying head off his shoulders and would be happy to get the result.

“I feel exactly the same today, and I know I feel this way for the rest of my life.”

Babis Anagnostopoulos left court on June 22 and was transferred to Koridallos prison.


Babis Anagnostopoulos left court on June 22 and was transferred to Koridallos prison.Credit: Rex

Caroline Crouch suspected that her husband had a relationship with her ex-husband before strangling

Source link Caroline Crouch suspected that her husband had a relationship with her ex-husband before strangling

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