Cartoon: Landfill-FinTech Futures

Landfill by Ian Foley

This new cartoon shows how excess cash is reducing the “valley of death” of many start-ups.

Historically, start-ups that couldn’t get the traction beyond the idea stage weren’t able to get the money and were quickly stuck in the failed valley of death.

With over 5,000 first-time fund managers, 300,000 angel investors, and a vibrant corporate venture market that isn’t just about financial gain, start-ups continue to have access to capital in today’s venture capital market. I am aware that I can do it.

As a result, start-ups remain private for long periods of time and survive in an economy with few insider venture rounds and other places of yield.

It is no exaggeration to say that this dynamics also put the founders in a stronger position than investors and board members and contributed to recent suspected fraud cases.

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Cartoon: Landfill-FinTech Futures

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