Casey Live Reports Latest Reactions: This Must Be a Watershed Moment for Metropolitan, IOPC Says


Abominable reports of the discovery of Metropolitan Police Department The systematically sexist, racist and homophobic prevalence “must be a watershed moment” for police leaders, the Metropolitan Police said.

Report of Baroness Dame Louise Casey, release on tuesdayblamed the catalog for its failure in scotland yard Infects all levels of power.

A groundbreaking report was commissioned following the kidnapping, rape and murder. Sarah Everard.

The Independent Police Action Office (IOPC) said the Metropolitan Police needed to “seize the opportunity to fundamentally change its culture” and called for reform of policing “as a whole”.

“We will work with law enforcement and others to identify how the system can be reformed and what needs to be done to make that happen,” Interim Commissioner Tom Whiting said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the report was “one of the darkest days” in the almost 200-year-old history of the Metropolitan Police.

Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said there were still “toxic individuals” in the force, but vowed they were “eradicated” from the organization.

“There are racists, misogynists, homophobes in our organization. We have organizational failures, management failures, cultural failures,” he said, reporting He added that he was “baffled” in the letter.

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Report must be ‘catalyst for radical change,’ says victim’s commissioner

Claire Waxman, head of the Victims Commission in London, said:

“Rape victims are blamed for their victims, victims in black and ethnic minority communities feel unrepresented and supported, and reports from the LGBTQ+ community are routinely dismissed. increase.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and this report must be the catalyst for the fundamental change needed to fundamentally improve the metropolitan culture and system.”


Firearms teams get ‘toys they want’, says Baroness Casey

The Met has deprioritized teams dealing with rape and abuse of women, and firearms officers got “any toy” they wanted, Baroness Casey said.

She told BBC Radio 4 that if a woman was raped and killed the case would be prioritized, but if a woman was raped and placed in a coma she would be dealt with by A “hard-working but dilapidated” protection team.

Baroness Casey said:

“The use of their consultant budget, the use of contractors. The fact that people with firearms get toys, frankly, they just want. But it is true.”

Read more about her comments here.


Sadiq Khan: ‘Give money in exchange for doing your own work’

Town Hall Conservative Party leader Susan Hall AM has criticized the Mayor of London after Baroness Casey’s damning report on the culture of the Metropolitan Police.

“Sadiq Khan slept behind the wheel for seven years instead of taking a job as a police and crime commissioner in London,” she said.

“The Metropolitan needs a responsible Mayor to regain the trust of the people of London.”

The Green Party’s Caroline Russell AM said Londoners were at the bottom, adding: “We are all watching”.


MET staff ‘morale plummets’

The Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents more than 30,000 police officers, said staff morale had plummeted.

Following the release of Baroness Casey’s report, a spokesperson said the officer was “traumatized by the constant assault on a proud profession.”

The federation claimed that “tens of thousands” of police officers were “severely let down by a few individuals”.

“Any police reform must not come at the expense of due process for officers who are pending or subject to enforcement proceedings,” the spokesperson added.

According to reports, London is being failed by a police force that is systematically, not individually, but sexist, racist and homophobic.


‘See it. Say it. ignore it. ‘

Feminist parties covered the capital with posters mocking the Metropolitan Police after the Baroness Casey’s report.

It shows a police officer grabbing a woman from behind and the other officers laughing at each other. Say it. Ignore” is the British Transport Police slogan “Look. Say it. Sorted.”

Posters for the Women’s Equality Party were put up in train stations across the capital on Tuesday.

Read what leader Mandu Reed said about the campaign.

women equality party

IOPC says ‘this must be a watershed moment’ for Met leadership

The Metropolitan Police Department said today’s report “must be a watershed moment for the leadership of the Metropolitan Police Department.”

IOPC Interim Executive Director Tom Whiting said:

“The MET cannot do this alone. The body needs to be radically reformed.

“At IOPC, we will continue to hold police accountable as police complaints keepers and use what we learn from our work to highlight where improvements are needed.”


Mother of Murdered Black Teen Tells Met ‘Last Chance’

“It’s the Metropolitan Police Department’s last chance to do the right thing,” warned the mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Baroness Doreen Lawrence said this was never a case of “some bad apples” and Met was “rotten to the core”.

“Since the death of my son and the recognition of institutional racism by Sir William MacPherson, the military has spent almost 30 years trying to put its house in order. I haven’t.

“I think a lot of people, like me, feel that they have had enough and need change. And it is needed now.”

Learn more about Doreen Lawrence.

Stephen Lawrence (L) with his mother Doreen Lawrence

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Baroness Casey says sexual assault cases ‘not handled properly’

Baroness Louise Casey said the Metropolitan Police did not have full confidence in handling reports of rape and sexual assault.

Asked if she would report the rape and sexual assault to the Metropolitan Police, she told Times Radio:

Asked if she was confident the military would handle it properly, she said, “No, I’m not entirely confident they will handle it properly.

“I know it sounds terrible, but that’s the biggest thing they have to change. It still means they have to come forward.”

Baroness Louise Casey

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Shocking cases of racism, sexism and homophobia

The criteria focused on some of the key case studies and examples highlighted by Baroness Casey in the 300-page report.

Homosexual cops are targeted, people are urinated in the shower, and bacon is left in the boots of Muslim cops.

Click here for details.


Police ‘shattered trust’, ‘disappointed victims’, Labor says

Labor leader Sir Kiel Sturmer said abuses of power “rife” in the Metropolitan have “shattered the trust” the British police rely on.

He said the victim was “disappointed” and urged the interior minister to “reassure the public” and said she would address the failure “immediately”. Casey Live Reports Latest Reactions: This Must Be a Watershed Moment for Metropolitan, IOPC Says

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