CBDvaping may lead to improved verbal recall-study

The Royal Society of Medicine has announced a joint event, Pain and Cannabis Medicine: Everything You Want to Know (But I was too afraid to ask) In collaboration with Integro Medical Clinic.

The event will take place at From 8:30 to 17:30 on October 11th.that Explore the potential of narcotics in the field of painkillers in the UK

Since the legalization of narcotics prescribed in November 2018, patients and clinicians await more data and information about these drugs as well.

This event aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the use of narcotics and the practicality of using them in their own practice. It relates to the history, regulatory environment, and pharmacology of cannabis drugs, including the use of various cannabis-based medical formulations in the treatment of pain and related symptoms in various clinical disciplines, in the context of the current UK regulatory framework. Consists of a presentation.

Event presentation

On this day, Professor Rafael Mekolam, a chemist who discovered the endogenous cannabinoid system and THC, is a leading British consultant in pain medicine. Royal Society of Medicine Dr. Arno Hazekamp, ​​who was responsible for research and education at Bedrocan, The first European company to manufacture EU GMP grade narcotics.

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Event speaker
Dr. Anthony Audmann, Pain Medicine Consultant

Founder of the highly respected Chronic Pain Clinic in Royal Free Hospital in London, He is one of the UK’s most experienced specialists in the treatment of pain. Dr. Ordman was awarded the Royal Society of Medicine Fellowship in 2005 for his contributions to pain medicine and is the former president of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Department of Pain Medicine. Dr. Ordman is also the following Senior Health Consultant and Chief Clinician. Integro Medical Clinic I have a special interest in the potential benefits of narcotics in analgesics.

Alex Fraser, Patient Access Lead for Grow Pharma

Event: Black and white headshot of guest speaker Alex FraserAlex Fraser is a leading medical cannabis patient. He himself is a patient diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 19 in 2010. He founded the United Patients Alliance in 2014 and has appeared in mainstream media many times since then. BBC When ITVTo emphasize the urgent need for access to narcotics for many patients who may benefit from them. He took a delegation of patients to Congress, gave testimony to top-level politicians, and organized educational events, rallies, and protests calling for amendments to the law on medical cannabis. Alex joined in February 2019 Grow pharmaceutical companies, One of the UK’s leading suppliers of narcotics, as a lead in patient access. He leverages his extensive knowledge of medical cannabis, his understanding of patient needs, and his industry network to ensure that his voice is heard and expressed. His work includes informing top-level policy makers, educating health care professionals, and devising and implementing projects that raise public awareness and provide practical support to patients.

Professor Rafael Mekolam, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Jerusalem Hebrew, Israel

Event: Black and white headshot Best known for the total synthesis of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the discovery of the endogenous cannabinoid system. Since starting his research in the 1960s, Professor Mekoram has been nominated for more than 25 academic awards, including the Heinrich Wieland Award (2004). Complutense University (2006), Israel Prize in Accurate Science – Chemistry (2000), Israel Chemical Industry Award Outstanding Research (2009) and EMET Awards Accurate Science-Chemistry (2012)

Dr. Sally Ghazaley, Consultant Pain Specialist

Event: Black and white headshots of guest speakersDr. Sally Ghazaleh Whittington Hospital, And that National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital, London. She qualified from Szeged University School of Medicine, Hungary He completed professional training in anesthesia and intensive care medicine at the University of Semmelweis in 2000 and then in 2007. She participated in a fellowship at. University College Hospital, LondonTo get her higher degree in pain medicine

While at the Pain Management Center at University College Hospital, she gained extensive experience in the treatment and management of patients with complex multiple pain problems. She has been achieved with a variety of interventional and non-interventional treatments for this particular patient group. Sally specializes in managing patients with low back pain, neck pain, neuropathy pain, abdominal pain, cancer pain, complex local pain syndrome, post-stroke pain, and fibromyalgia. She is particularly interested in women’s bladder and abdominal pain, and general women’s health.

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CBDvaping may lead to improved verbal recall-study

Source link CBDvaping may lead to improved verbal recall-study

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