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Cesc Fabregas named Arsenal star “Most Stable Player of the Season”

Cesc Fabregas explained Arsenal Young Bukayo Saka as “the most stable player of the season”.

The Spaniards started a 30-minute Q & A on his Twitter account earlier today. There, Gunners fans sought his opinion on the age of 19.

FormerChelsea Arsenal’s midfielder replied: Always looking for hunger to move forward, win and learn.

Fabregas also added that there was a “great future” in front of him.

Saka had a very impressive season at Emirates and was selected for the 26-man team at Gareth Southgate. Euro This summer.

His diversity would undoubtedly have influenced his choices and his consistency throughout the campaign.

According to Cesc Fabregas, Bukayo Saka was Arsenal’s most stable performer this season.

Although a winger in the trade, the young man has been used as both a fullback and a wingback under Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta.

Despite playing in different positions and appearing several times on the bench, Saka contributed nine goals in 32 Premier League games.

Do you think Bukayo Saka should be on the England national team?Please let us know at The following comments..

Cesc Fabregas playing for Arsenal
Cesc Fabregas praised Arsenal’s young Bukayo Saka

The young man was even more impressive in the Europa League, scoring two goals and five in Arsenal’s Europa League to advance to the semi-finals.

He is one of the few positive players to have been another very disappointing season for the Gunners after finishing eighth in a row for two years.

Arteta wants the British to have three Lions match times in the euro as they continue to mature to bring Arsenal back to the Champions League position.

Cesc Fabregas named Arsenal star "Most Stable Player of the Season"

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