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Chase host Bradley Walsh tells players to “sit down” after admission

Bradley Walsh of Chase jokingly told the players to “sit again” after they talked about their work.

Penny, Suleiman, Leila and Daniel were all undertaking Sinnerman Expecting to win thousands.

The first was Suleiman in London.

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At the age of fifty, he went up to the cash builder’s main stage, where he met his host Bradley Walsh.

Bradley’s first question I saw him ask what Suleiman did to make a living.

“I’m an IT manager,” Suleiman said.

But Bradley He shouted, “I’m bored,” so I stopped.

Suleiman tried to explain his role by saying “a little more interesting,” but Bradley chimed, “No, it’s not.”

Bradley then turned to another player, Penny, and said, “Pen, that’s boring love, what do you do to make a living?”

Penny said: “I’m Brad, a former professional golfer.”

Bradley then returned to Suleiman and said: “Yes, sit down. You’re up, Penny is up and talking now.

“It’s more interesting to me, so I have to go to a penny.

“you [Suleiman] Please sit down until the final. “

But Bradley’s words didn’t affect Suleiman, who earned a solid £ 6,000 in cash builders.

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Chase host Bradley Walsh tells players to "sit down" after admission

Source link Chase host Bradley Walsh tells players to "sit down" after admission

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