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Chase viewers remained devastated as Anne Hegerty robbed the celebrity team of £ 90,000

Tracking Fans were left devastated during a special edition of the ITV quiz show celebrity on Saturday as Anne Hegerty was able to steal a whopping £ 90,000 from the contestants’ noses.

Celebrities including Eastenders With star Perry Fenwick, comedian Jenny Eclair, and TV presenter Oreo Duba Richard Madley We teamed up to compete for prize pots dedicated to selected charities.

Everyone returned Jenny’s bar to the final chase bench and played for an incredible £ 90k.

It came after television personality Richard Madley managed to scoop up an incredible £ 76,000.

And while they had several opportunities to oppose Governess’s impressive wit, they didn’t get enough rights to scoop up the victory after being puzzled by Kardashian-related questions.

Ann robbed £ 90,000 from under the nose of the quiz

Contestants were asked, “Who is the second oldest Kardashian?” I answered Courtney instead of Kim.

And with only three seconds left, Governess managed to win.

Things were tense in the studio when host Bradley Walsh asked Anne. “Which comedian is Parsnips Buttered debut novel?”-And she passed, even though the watch had only 11 seconds left.

The question that would have given the quiz a great opportunity to beat her in the bounty pot share confused the celebrities alike, and they misguess Paul O’Grady.

Bradley hit the player with some tricky questions

Unfortunately, the answer was Joe Lycett.

And in the final question about the Gunpowder Plot, Anne managed to pull things back from the edge and rush into victory just in time.

Fans were overwhelmed by the loss and shared their upset using social media, commenting, “Why couldn’t she win them? It’s for charity!”

Richard apologized to his charity

Ann congratulated the players.

But, as Bradley said, celebrities each earned £ 1,000 for their charity: “We can’t let you go home empty-handed.”

Things made a rather frivolous turn between Anne and Strictly Come Dancing Star Oleo Duba, as Anne offered to teach him quiz skills in exchange for dance lessons.

“I’m free after the show!” Ann suggested cheeky.

Celebrity lost for £ 90,000

The ore had nothing of it when he protested, “I’m married, Anne!”

And EastEnders star Perry hit Bradley’s chin on the floor after answering one question related to Greek mythology.

He was asked: “Which person in Greek mythology cut off Medusa’s head and killed him?”

And Perry replied immediately: “Perseus!”

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Bradley couldn’t help but be shocked by the correct answer to the incredibly tricky question.

“In every quiz I do, whenever I have a question about Greek mythology, I always say Perseus!” Perry then explained with a laugh.

Jenny joked with him: “Go to a higher offer, and with Perseus’s answer you’ll be fine!”

Chase viewers remained devastated as Anne Hegerty robbed the celebrity team of £ 90,000

Source link Chase viewers remained devastated as Anne Hegerty robbed the celebrity team of £ 90,000

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