Childbirth behavior model proposed to reform parental leave sharing

Maternity Action recommends reforming shared parental leave (SPL) because it believes the current system is not fit for purpose.

Only 3.6% of qualified fathers have used this system, well below the government’s target of 25%.

Current scheme

Under the SPL scheme, new mothers are legally required to take the first two weeks of maternity leave, after which they can switch their statutory maternity leave to SPL. This includes transferring up to 50 weeks of paid leave (37 weeks of paid leave) to the father or another parent.

Maternity Action reports that the very low utilization of this system is due to its transferable nature, administrative complexity and restrictive eligibility criteria.

The report argues that the government’s promised employment bill provides an important opportunity to improve the current system.

What does Maternity Action suggest?

Maternity Action is proposing a new “6 + 6 + 6” model to replace the existing scheme. The proposed model is personal for each parent’s enhanced leave, including six months of paid maternity leave reserved for the mother and another six months of non-transferable parental leave for each parent. And it consists of non-transferable rights. Six months of parental leave can be taken by two parents at the same time or separately, all at once or in small blocks of weeks or months up to 18 months after birth. I can do it.

The report also recommends that:

Personal and non-transferable rights must be available to all working parents from day one of employment.

The right to return to the same job at the end of the vacation period should be strengthened

Legal wages should be raised to at least the national minimum wage level, then to real living wage levels over time, and eventually to wage substitution levels.

Proposals are unlikely to be implemented, but they provide useful insights into how critics look at current SPL arrangements and what alternatives are possible.

Childbirth behavior model proposed to reform parental leave sharing

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