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Chris Eubank pays homage to his son Sebastian, who died at the age of 29

Chris Eubank I would like to express my heartfelt tribute to my son Sebastian, who died a few days before his 30th birthday.

The third-oldest professional boxer of Chris’s five children died Friday morning in Dubai, where he lived, said his father’s representative.

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Father Chris Eubank and Sebastian Eubank photographed in 2019

In a statement, Chris and his family were “ravaged” by Sebastian’s death.

“I never imagined I would write these words or experience the feelings I have now of losing my son,” said a British middleweight great.

“My family and I have been overwhelmed by the death of Sebastian a few days before Sebastian’s 30th birthday.

“He has his wife Sarma, his son Raheem, who was born just a month ago, his mother Karon Meadows, his brother Nathanael, Chris, Jr., Joseph, one sister Emily, and countless relatives and friends. I left it. “

Chris goes on to say: “Sebastian grew up in Hove, England, but has lived in Dubai for the last few years, has a wide range of friends, and was a leader in the adoption of healthy lifestyles and alternative therapies.

“Not only as a personal trainer and professional boxer, Sebastian was also a deep thinker who preferred to challenge accepted wisdom.”

Chris added: “He is loved and respected by everyone who knows him and will remain in the thoughts of friends and family forever. As a family, we now celebrate his life, sons, brothers, husbands. , I ask you to give me space and privacy to remember my friends. “

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Sebastian and his father Chris, brothers Chris Jr. and Nathanael

Karon Meadows, Sebastian’s mother, said: Respect our sorrow and privacy while we try to understand our loss. “

His brother, Chris Eubank Jr., who is also a professional boxer and appears in the Celebrity Goggles Box with his father, posted a series of tweets in honor.

“My brother Sebastian Eubank was a special person … he was a righteous man … he always prioritized others over himself,” he wrote. “A man with many talents in boxing, mixed martial arts, poetry, music, coaching, cooking, etc. continues, but the most important thing for him was to help those who are less fortunate than himself.

“I haven’t been crying since I was 12 … I cried all day yesterday. It’s a shame I wasn’t there to see your back like my brother.

“I can’t believe you really lost a person, but you will always be in my heart, spirit, spirit.

“Now your legacy lives through your beautiful newborn son, and I treat him like mine. Keep an eye on us until we meet the young lion again.”

Sebastian, who boxed under the name Alkalion, made his debut in February 2018 against Polish sportsman Kamiruruchik, and made his MMA debut last year.

Other compliments to Sebastian were poured online …

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Chris Eubank pays homage to his son Sebastian, who died at the age of 29

Source link Chris Eubank pays homage to his son Sebastian, who died at the age of 29

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