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Christian Eriksen collapses on pitch as Denmark face Finland in Euro 2020

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed when the team played against Finland in one of the opening rounds of the Euro 2020 tournament in Copenhagen.

When the ball hit his knee from the throw-in, Christian Eriksen first knocked his face down on the grass.

According to a tweet from UEFA, the match was interrupted due to emergency medical care.

UEFA soon said he was transferred to the hospital and stable.

They say: “Following the emergency medical care involving Danish player Christian Eriksen, a crisis meeting will be held between both teams and those involved in the match, details will be notified at 19:45 CET.

“The player was transferred to the hospital and stabilized.”

Eriksen of Inter Milan fell to the ground at Parken Stadium shortly before half-time, and players on both teams were clearly in pain.

British referee Anthony Taylor called the Medic on the pitch and Eriksen received long-term treatment.

Fabrice Muamba, a former Bolton midfielder who collapsed after a cardiac arrest during the 2012 FA Cup match, responded to news of Eriksen’s collapse.

“Please ask God,” Moambe tweeted.

Teammates formed a shield around a former Tottenham Hotspur man, but fans in the stadium were clearly stunned and weeping at the incident.

Eriksen seemed faint when he went to get a throw-in in the 42nd minute of the match.

Teammates turned their backs around him as he appeared to be given CPR.

Referee Taylor is reported to be “extremely worried” while weeping at the stadium.

“I think I just fell down when I went to get the throw-in,” said a Guardian reporter. “I’m very worried about this.”

Ericsson collapsed at a corner flag near the touchline and was soon surrounded by Danish and Finnish players.

The medical staff was immediately called in as the game was canceled.

A woman, believed to be Eriksen’s wife, went up on the pitch.

The Guardian said: Please really enter here. God, Christians are okay. “

The players returned to the dressing room.

The independent said: “Medical staff are still working on Christian Eriksen. The seats are held around the player while they continue to work.

“The stadium is completely shocked. Some Danish players are weeping. Nothing has been said about Eriksen’s condition yet. TV cameras are avoiding that area of ​​the pitch.”

Eriksen started his career at Ajax on the Dutch side, winning the Eredivisie in 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13, establishing his traditional tenth place with Michael Laudrup.

In 2014, Eriksen joined Tottenham and was named the club’s player of the year during his debut season. For seven years at the club, he was also named the club’s Player of the Year for the 2016-17 season and was included in the 2017-18 PFA Players’ Player of the Year team.

In the 2018-19 season, Eriksen became the second player to reach the 2019 UEFA Champions League final, after David Beckham, with more than 10 assists in four consecutive Premier League seasons. In January 2020, he signed with Inter Milan.

Eriksen made his debut in Denmark in March 2010 and was the youngest player in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Eriksen played a key role in the national qualifying campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Denmark reached 16 rounds and lost to Croatia after the penalty shootout. Eriksen has been named the Danish Football Player of the Year five times.

Former Christian Eriksen club Tottenham tweeted. “All our thoughts are in Christian Eriksen and his family.”

After spending seven years at the club, Eriksen left Tottenham for Inter Milan in 2020.

Christian Eriksen collapses on pitch as Denmark face Finland in Euro 2020

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