Citizens of Humanity: Our Story

Citizens of Humanity is a Los Angeles-based premium denim label that has captivated the world by devoting itself to producing the highest quality denim without compromise. With an uplifting style that exudes femininity, naturalness and refined ease of use, this lays the foundation for the brand to deliberately carry out each design in every detail. Since 2003, we have designed and manufactured our products with our own facilities and carefully selected manufacturing partners to ensure that our products look, fit and feel unmatched.

LA-based designers travel the world, procuring great products and seeking inspiration in every corner of the best vintage markets. Our team continues to create a strong assortment of women that speaks at the heart of our brand value. An impeccable fit made with genuine processing and cleaning provides women with maximum comfort and confidence. Each season, Citizens of Humanity offers classic wardrobe uniforms that have been modernized for today.

Being one of the few vertically integrated denim production businesses, it can manufacture products within its own sewing and laundry facilities in Los Angeles and Turkey, as well as some selected production partners, giving you complete control over product quality. I can do it. Each pair of our jeans falls into the hands of at least 40 skilled craftsmen before they are in your hands. High quality manufacturing and reliable technology lay the foundation for a sincere production process. This is a practice that we will continue to improve over the years to come. The thoughtful process of making truly premium jeans is not easy, but it’s worth it. You will love wearing these jeans as much as we make jeans …

Company-wide, we are committed to reducing our global footprint on the environment, and over the years, advanced technology for processing our products to take positive steps to create a better future. I have invested in. Some of these methods include laser technology, ecological stones, ozone washer, and new reclaimed water systems.

Behind the Citizens of Humanity is us. A collective group of individuals, each representing something. In addition to creating long-lasting products, the Citizens of Humanity team is committed to giving back and supporting the global community. For us, doing our part goes back to our name. Citizens of Humanity is a California-based brand that is dedicated to inspiring individuals around the world and helping those who are playing their part in making a difference. We are proud of the support of unique charities around the world. We have learned that humanity needs more humanity than ever before, and that even the slightest effort can make a big impact.

For more information on Citizens of Humanity, please visit our brand page.

Citizens of Humanity: Our Story

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