City Hall Tories says the mayor “has failed to build a proper home”

During his first term as mayor of Sadiq Khan, figures revealed that Tower Hamlets had more homes built than any other London borough.

In the eastern part of London, 4,306 homes were completed between 2016 and 2021 under the GLA Housing Construction Program, exceeding the combined number of the bottom 11 wards.

At that time, 34,659 homes were completed in London, some of which may have been started under the former mayor, built by the City Hall in London, Richmond Upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames. There are few new homes.

The numbers were revealed this week by the Conservative Party of the City Hall, and party housing spokesman Andrew Boff said: Mayor of London “You can’t build the right house in the right place.”

Boff said: “It’s no wonder that only a few districts have benefited from the City Hall housing construction program under Sadiq Khan. His plan to build a small one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment is Suitable for only a few districts, most of London lacks the family-sized homes they urgently need.

“Unless Sadiq Khan’s housing program begins offering family-sized housing, he risks overexploiting some autonomous regions and abandoning a large area of ​​London.”

The Conservatives are calling on the mayor to “accelerate” London’s homebuilding program and build more “family-sized” homes.

This problem, London Assembly This week, Sadiq Khan counterattacked, saying that setting market-priced family housing goals “cannot meet the needs of Londoners.”

Kahn said: “What we have done is to require Congress to consider the needs of the region in relation to social housing when formulating policies. They can understand the need for public housing. The reason it’s important is that unlike market-worthy homes, the average cost of buying real estate in London is £ 500,000, so it’s affordable homes, especially those who live in overcrowded housing. Affordable for the family. ”

He added: “What we have to do is to secure more family homes to deal with the problem of overcrowding in a number of affordable homes (public housing, intermediate homes, etc.) and their adults. Is to secure a smaller home for the children who are currently living with mom and dad so that they can move to their own home. ”

The Mayor of London went on to say that when funding homeowners, there is a requirement to “ensure the right combination of homes” and, with permission, “to reflect the needs of homes.” Stated. range”.

According to the London Plan Annual Monitoring Report, which tracks the progress of the Mayor’s London Plan, homes with three or more bedrooms are all social rentals completed in 2018/19, compared to 34% in 2015/16. It accounted for 41% of the homes. ..

City Hall Tories says the mayor “has failed to build a proper home”

Source link City Hall Tories says the mayor “has failed to build a proper home”

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