Cognizant and Alveo collaborate on ESG data services

Cognizant has announced an agreement with Alveo to jointly provide the financial services industry with a comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) data management solution.

This collaboration enables companies to operate ESG data, integrate it into business processes, improve portfolio options, and respond to the rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Cognizant uses digital expertise and client business knowledge to provide data operations and technology services that support the implementation and management of Alveo’s ESG Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. Alveo’s technology incorporates features specific to the financial services industry, such as mapping between data sources and regulatory requirements. The platform provides clients with an overview of data manipulation and the ability to query and inspect ESG data, including the complete lineage. With the help of Cognizant, these features are uniquely integrated into the client’s application landscape, business workflow, and reporting requirements.

The importance of financial institutions better understanding fund sustainability profiles is growing rapidly around the world. This is driven primarily by investor demand for transparency and new regulations such as the EU’s Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulations (SFDR).

“ESG is one of the biggest trends affecting financial institutions and requires significant investment in data and data management technologies,” said Mark Hepsworth, CEO of Alveo. “We are pleased to work with Cognizant on this initiative. They have the experience and expertise to drive transformative ESG capabilities and meet the needs of investors seeking social and capital interests for financial companies. We believe we are improving the way we provide investment products and advice that meet. “

Craig Stanley, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Units, Cognisant Banking and Financial, said: service. “Alveo’s data mastering and data delivery solutions that support financial institutions around the world, along with Cognizant’s digital implementation capabilities, help clients meet new ESG regulations and the expectations of today’s socially conscious consumers. ”

Cognizant and Alveo collaborate on ESG data services

Source link Cognizant and Alveo collaborate on ESG data services

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