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Cole Lane McDonald’s plan rejected by councilor

Second McDonald’s restaurant and takeaway planning permission denied Call lane..

The application recommended for approval by the officers was to be placed in the Asda parking section of the ring road. This was the second application where the restaurant left a parking lot next to the border, about 50 meters away from the border with the adjacent lodge hotel.

A permit was sought to build a free-standing, one-story restaurant with parking, drive-through, landscaping, and related on-site work.

The councilor expressed concern about the potential noise pollution from cars, antisocial behavior, its impact on lodge hotel residents, and the potential loss of business.

Councilor William McCandless disagreed with the application, saying: “Tourism is a major economic driver of our region and we are keenly aware of the lack of accommodation for tourists in our autonomous region.

“The lodge hotel has been in operation for 55 years and has more than 100 employees. This application has a negative impact on the lodge hotel and as a council we are obliged to support them.

“If this application passes, its impact will have a profound and long-term impact on this long-established business.”

DUP City Councilor George Duddy asked if the effects of noise from cars that use 35 spaces were fully considered.

He was informed that this application does not include acoustic fencing

Regarding the first McDonald’s at Riverside Retail Park, he said: An acoustic fence that takes into account the fact that the parking lot is next to the lodge hotel and under the bedroom. “

A council official replied, “In addition to getting in and out of the car, some customers may be sitting in the parking lot with the radio on, but there are concerns about traffic noise.”

Sinn Féin councilor Qatar McLaughlin opposed the application, saying “no one at the meeting would want to park it next to the house.”

The councilor added: “The tourism industry is a thriving region of the North Coast, we have tourists booking and staying at lodge hotels and next to McDonald’s-noise, smell, boy racers. Hospitality for the last 15 months None of the people who were there had left their jobs, but now this is happening.

“Applicants are a multi-million pound franchise business with thousands of restaurants around the world. There is one at the lodge hotel.

“McDonald’s already has a restaurant in Coleraine. This is just greed. Perhaps there are 100 other sites in Coleraine and Portrush.

“I suggest not giving planning permission.”

George Duddy, DUP City Councilor, endorsed the proposal as follows: “It has a negative impact on the atmosphere of the area. Garbage, late-night noise, impact on lodge residents, and cottage nursing home residents and lodge park residents should also be taken into account.”

The application was rejected with 9 votes in favor of refusal, 1 vote against and 2 abstentions.

The first application submitted, the second, was also rejected, with the councilor receiving 10 votes in favor of the refusal, 1 vote against it, and 2 abstentions.

Cole Lane McDonald's plan rejected by councilor

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