Collie fans distracted by Lian Buttersby change in the “sweet” scene

Fans of Coronation Street remained distracted during their recent trip to the cobblestones.

It was a shocking night with ITV soap when the street legend Roy Cropper packed his bag and left Weatherfield in a taxi.

The owner of Lloyds Rolls was guilty after seeing Abi Franklin holding a gun and lying to the police in a scene aired last month on “Super Soap Week.”

His conscience was further enhanced when he discovered that the gun used to kill Natasha Blakeman was from Abi’s ex-Tez, and little Sam hadn’t spoken since visiting his mother at the funeral hall. It was tested.

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But in the double bill, Lian Buttersby and Nick Tillsley took Sam to the first treatment session and desperately tried to get him to speak again.

There was a small breakthrough as the young man was hanging out with George Shuttleworth.

Undertaker managed to rekindle Sam’s interest in space and jumped out into his apartment to see some starry skies.

Despite the sweet scene, Corrie’s viewers were distracted by Leanne’s changes.

Leanne has distracted viewers

@ Jamal06122771 said: “Is it me, or does Lian sound a little hazy? # Corrie # coronationstreet.”

“Don’t worry about Sam not talking. If Lean gets faint anymore, she won’t! #Corrie,” tweeted @penniless_poet.

@ FayDean85 added:

“I have a Strepsil Lean,” @ laurabarr39 joked.

Collie fans also used social media to talk about Sam’s new relationship with George.

@benslexi states: “I love George as a character. His scene with Sam was very good. # Corrie”

Fans have loved the Sam and George scene

“It was a great idea for me to have Tony and Jude together in a moving moment with George and Sam,” commented @DanJBrownMUFC.

@tracy_harrop tweeted: “@itvcorrie A lovely scene with George and Sam tonight. I love their friendship #Corrie.”

“George and Sam’s are really, really sweet. # Collie,” added @islandniles.

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Collie fans distracted by Lian Buttersby change in the "sweet" scene

Source link Collie fans distracted by Lian Buttersby change in the "sweet" scene

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