Collie fans who say the same thing as Imran and Abi’s Dariens

Coronation Street fans share the same idea after the secret one-night stand of Imran and Abi was revealed.

Viewers saw it during double billing on Wednesday night Imran finally confessed to his girlfriend Toya Following the court ruling, he was sleeping with someone else.

Imran was left broken after foster daughter Kelly Nylan was found guilty of the murder of Cebu Franklin.

Fans watched Imran leave behind the taxi, believing that it was she who spent the night with her ex-and court rival Sabine.

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However, Sabine then returns to Weatherfield, threatening his ex-husband with his endless secrets-to help Harvey Gaskel, a drug trafficking organization.

As Imran confessed, Toya remained crushed-just before the arrival of her new foster daughter, Elsie.

But that wasn’t the end of the shocking news. The cheating lawyer also admitted that he helped Sabine drive Harvey out of prison. He endangered the lives of Toya’s sister Lian and nephew Simon Barlow.

Then at the end of the episode, viewers saw Imran meet Abi Franklin, who was revealed as his secret liaison.

Imran confessed to his affair

And the news left the same comment to Corrie fans.

“Why can’t you keep the couple together !!!” said one.

Another reaction: “Why? I wanted them to be the next Jack and Bella. It’s a shame the writer did this.”

“Another couple will never break up,” added a sad soap watcher.

Fourth comment: “Why can’t they have a normal happy relationship with soap?”

“Congrats, #Corrie .. Your mission at the beginning of 2021 will do your best to sour me by taking my four favorite characters, tricking them into partnering, and splitting up some great couples. If it was to do it, you were almost successful. It was really overwhelmed by all of this, “another disappointed.

Abi revealed as Imran’s one-night stand

Collie fans also said, “# Collie is tired of breaking up the power couple. The first Fiss and Tyrone are now aware that Toya and Imran will be Peter and Carla next.” Added.

And it is no exaggeration to say that the viewer was stunned by what was revealed.

“Abi. Wow. It was really unexpected,” said one.

Another comment: “Imran and Abi ?! I thought it was Kelly’s mom #Corrie.”

“Imran connected to Abi …. well, I didn’t see it coming #Corrie,” added the third.

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Collie fans who say the same thing as Imran and Abi's Dariens

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