Collie’s fans sat on the floor after Imran’s mysterious flapping was finally revealed and pregnancy theory swirled.

Coronation Street fans were shocked after Imran Hubbybe confessed that he had finally escaped and their identities were revealed.

Imran told his partner Toya Buttersby that he had a stand overnight as viewers demanded that viewers know who he slept with.

At the end of the first episode of Wednesday’s double show, the cheating lawyer was cleaned up and fans kept waiting to find out more.

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“Who ??? !!!!!!” Requested one fan on Twitter.

He said Toya has a one-night stand

“But with whom? With whom?” Another shouted as they were left on the edge of their seats.

“Wait another 30 minutes to see who Imran is sleeping with,” another yelled.

But when Iman told Toya, “I arrived at a random bar with a random woman,” the mystery was still unsolved.

Toya was devastated

“It was a random woman who dared @itvcorrie to guide us that way !!!!!” infuriated another soap watcher.

“Imran doesn’t know who it is. It’s all useless,” another person huffed.

Imran confessed that she had roped her free drug trafficker Harvey Gaskel to save her from prison after being threatened by a former barrister, Sabine.

But fans suspected he wasn’t telling the full truth as pregnancy theory swirled.

Abi went out of the darkness

And they later turned out to be correct. After he and Toya agreed to do things again, Abi Franklin went out of the darkness and confronted him, and he said to her, “Suppress her voice.”

“Imran and Abi !!! Poor Toya,” said one fan.

“Abi and Imran!” Another gasping

“Show me who knows Imran is sleeping with her. I’ll show you a liar,” another fan tweeted.

“Abi. Wow. It was really unexpected,” another said.

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When Corey Brent failed to defend his adopted daughter Kelly Nylan, who was imprisoned for the murder of Abi’s son Cebu Franklin and sentenced to life imprisonment for at least 15 years, Imran was devastated and fans I didn’t put them together.

“Is there a story about Abi’s pregnancy now?” Asked a fan.

“Imagine Imran getting pregnant with Abi,” another said.

“You know what’s going on here. Abi gets pregnant and it’s going to be’Kevin or Imran?’And it’s Imran’s and he and Toya want to adopt a child. You will think. “

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Collie's fans sat on the floor after Imran's mysterious flapping was finally revealed and pregnancy theory swirled.

Source link Collie's fans sat on the floor after Imran's mysterious flapping was finally revealed and pregnancy theory swirled.

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