Collie’s George Shuttle Worth Star “Fool” After Falling into a Covid Scam

Coronation Street star Tony Maudsley calls himself a “fool” after falling into a coronavirus scam.

The actor, who plays George Shuttleworth in the ITV soap opera, took him to Twitter to reveal his mistakes.

It also warned others not to fall into the same tricks that scammers try to access your bank details.

The vaccine passport scam in question has already been identified as fake and claims to be from the NHS and requests details by email.

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Tony tweeted. “I was foolishly involved in this NHS passport scam. After giving all the bank details, I suddenly realized that the email addresses that looked like the official NHS emails did not match.

“Fortunately, I immediately noticed, canceled the card and warned the bank.”

He shared a message with an image that read that this same scam has been reported more than 370 times.

The NHS reminds people that “you can get vaccination status for free, so you will never ask for bank details.”

Tony added: “To make me more stupid, I already have the NHS app and offer a covid passport for free !!!!”

The fans immediately provided support and informed Tony that he was not alone.

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“No, if you get caught, they should be good. I’m glad they were undamaged and quickly unmarked,” said one.

Another respondent said, “Tony is doing these things really well in a scary way. I was almost obsessed with it. Hopefully they didn’t get anything from it.”

“It’s terrible @ TonyMaudsley1 and I hope you’re okay,” said the third.

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Collie's George Shuttle Worth Star "Fool" After Falling into a Covid Scam

Source link Collie's George Shuttle Worth Star "Fool" After Falling into a Covid Scam

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