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Competitive slim couples who refuse to be beaten to each other on a weigher or treadmill lose 12 stones together

A couple who have been lean together since becoming Bing together (lost 12 stones among them) say their continuum of competition keeps their marriage in shape.

In August 2020, when chocolate-loving Claire Award (46) and her husband’s forklift driving instructor Ian (52) agreed to join a friend’s weight loss group, she took on a new job as a consultant. After I got it, I just showed their support.

However, at £ 9 on the 22nd, student support officer Claire and Ian at £ 11 on the 18th soon competed with each other on the treadmill to compete for the most loss in Slimming World’s weighing.

Claire, who lives in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire with Ian and her student’s daughter Chloe, 18, said:

For a long time, Claire and Ian’s vision of paradise was a cozy night with a plate of pies and a cupboard full of chocolates.

However, for a size of 28 at 5 feet 3 inches, Claire’s Body Mass Index (BMI) used to measure healthy weight was 56.1, while the NHS’s healthy range was 18.5 to 24.9. The 5’2 inch Ian was a size 4XL with a 44 inch waist. BMI was 48.3. Both were obese.

Each other’s feelings were too strong to be affected by the expansion of the waistline, but when they joined the slimming club, their love for joint pursuit quickly turned out to be a formidable asset.

Within 15 months, the pair lost 12 stones between them. Claire was 15, size 16, and Ian dropped a fourth £ 2 with a 34-inch waist and size.

Claire said: It was ideal to lose weight together. “

She added: “We are very competitive and really help us lose weight. Neither of us wants to be late or beaten on a treadmill.”

Claire is always unknowingly aware of her plus-sized body before she loses weight, leaving extra space in case she can’t squeeze herself out when parking the car. Say there is even.

“I’m always getting bigger, but I didn’t really do anything,” she said.

She added: “Unknowingly I knew it was a problem.

“If you park in a busy parking lot, try to get over as far as you can to make sure you have enough space to get out of the car.

“Also, shopping for clothes was a nightmare. I hated it and wore loose-fitting trousers and loose-fitting tops, but nothing showed me.”

She added: “I had to buy everything online. I wore something not because I was really happy, but because I did it.”

Married for 22 years after meeting in an amateur theater group, the couple are always inseparable and do everything together, including overeating.

“Sure, Ian has always grown since we were together,” Claire said.

She added: “I love real chocolates and sat down with a glass of wine and a big chocolate bar in the evening. We just indulged together.

“Supper was always as simple as a pie or a frozen dish. I didn’t eat anything healthy.

“Our weight was affecting us, but we weren’t aware. Ian had a back problem and had a hard time walking.”

She added: The first thing to eat after a meal is indigestive tablets.

“But that never made us think about our weight twice.”

Claire and Ian

When she started as a Slimming World consultant, when their friend Amanda Pool asked to support her, they agreed to go to her group, but they weren’t going to turn into weight loss champions. bottom.

“One of our friends, Amanda, was trained to be a consultant before we entered the first blockade,” Claire said.

“She asked me to come to this group, so I was like,” Yeah, okay, I’ll come with you and Ian will take you too. “

“Initially, it was all about supporting her in her new job, but then Ian and I were hooked on it.”

She added: “When we first started and both were consistently losing weight, we were tracking our losses on the fridge motivational board.

“I will be like,’This week you lost more than I, it’s not fair!’ We continued each other and the motivational committee encouraged us.

“It was the best way to get going.”

With their new weight loss program in full swing, Britain fell into a winter blockade in December 2020, driving couple slimming groups online in one of the toughest times of the year.

“When we locked down again in December, the Slimming World was virtualized,” Clare said.

“When I sat down in front of the Zoom Call, it wasn’t the same atmosphere, especially during Christmas, when there was a lot of chocolate temptation.”

She added: We got each other on track. “

Soon they united in a lifestyle review – abandoning a chocolate-filled night for a romantic walk, which soon turned into a competitive power walk.

“During the blockade, we went for a walk just to get started,” Claire said.

She added: “Then I started swimming when the pool reopened. Now we are fully engaged in gym training and swimming.

“I’m losing weight, so I really raised my level of activity. Just to maintain it, but I’m a little more competitive in the gym!”

Still, their desire to beat each other made losing weight more enjoyable.

“We are very competitive with each other,” Claire laughed.

“When riding on a treadmill, make sure they are set to the same speed.

“Ian doesn’t like mine going a little faster than him.”

She added: Or you would say, “If you do that, I do that too.”

“It’s a bit of a healthy competition. We never bet, but we keep each other motivated.”

And this healthy competition between them made them happier than ever – when they celebrate their collective 12th weight loss, they are now each to reach their goals. I hope to lose two more stones.

“I feel great,” Claire said.

“It’s funny. I didn’t pose for the photo before I lost weight. I always took pictures and avoided the camera.

“Now, I always say” let’s take a picture “and take a selfie. “

She added:

“We are a really close family and doing this together is very special because we can share our success.”

And when Claire sits down for this Christmas dinner, she’s seventh lighter than last year.

“I got this wonderful elf outfit for Christmas Jumper Day,” she said.

“It’s really amazing because it’s 12-14 in size. When I’m enjoying this year’s festival, I’m looking forward to wearing it and being the seventh lighter than usual.

“We usually celebrate with a family of three and spend a fulfilling time together, but this year we will be more measured. Only turkeys will feel full!”

Ian agrees that healthy competition between them was the key to their successful weight loss.

He states: “I like the competitiveness it brings, but Claire is arguably the biggest loser!”

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Competitive slim couples who refuse to be beaten to each other on a weigher or treadmill lose 12 stones together

Source link Competitive slim couples who refuse to be beaten to each other on a weigher or treadmill lose 12 stones together

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