CompTIA Launches New Security Analyst Certification

An ISACA survey released by RSA Security week attempts to illustrate the development of network security talents and their current trends. The survey results are no surprise to the industry: it is too difficult to recruit security talents.

However, the ISACA survey has two particularly interesting statements: first, 70% of enterprises “require security certification for network security positions”; secondly, in 55% of enterprises, “practical experience is the most important candidate for network security candidates”. Because candidates do not enter the job, they will not have the opportunity to obtain professional experience. New job seekers who want to open the door of network security career need the help of other “certifications”.

On February 22, CompTIA launched a new safety certification: CSA +. Between security + (covering the basic principles of network security and risk management) and CSAP (CompTIA senior security practitioner, certified critical thinking and judgment ability of multi security disciplines).comptia security+ dumps 2021 helps you pass the certification exam quickly.

CSA + focuses on the skills required for the use of threat detection tools, data analysis and the identification of vulnerabilities, threats and risks from the analysis results. It certifies the capability level in the field of data-driven security.

James Stanger, senior product director of CompTIA, said: “by paying more attention to data analysis, we can get a real-time comprehensive view of network behavior, users and their devices, identify potential vulnerabilities and strengthen them before intrusion.”

This is probably the most critical field in the whole network security technology gap, and it is also the fastest growing field. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, “from 2014 to 2024, the employment of information security analysts is expected to increase by 18%, much faster than the average growth of all occupations. The demand for information security analysts is expected to be very high because they are needed to create innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or causing computer network problems. ”

“Data analysis is the key,” said Jim lucali, senior manager of HP enterprise certification. “Everyone in the technology field should have CSA +. If you want to stay in it in the next decade, this should be mandatory.” CSA + certification can help potential employers assess candidates’ abilities and skills in this key field.

Through Pearson Vue test center, CSA + test can be conducted all over the world. However, this is not an entry-level security qualification. Although private individuals can also use it as a stepping stone to network security, it is better used for career development rather than entry. “Citing the advanced nature of CompTIA CSA +, we suggest that certification applicants should first have at least 3-4 years of information security experience or relevant experience, and hold CompTIA Network + and Security + certification.”

One of the recommendations of the ISACA survey states that employers should “recommend employees with relevant skills, such as application experts and network experts, to advance to network security positions.”learn the facts here now.

By allowing such employees to pass CSA + certification, they can economically fill the security vacancy of network analysts. “We recommend at least five days of intensive ‘boot camp’ training, or a quarter or half semester of academic education.”

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