Concerns raised at Wanstead Park’s shipping container kiosk

The Redbridge Council’s Vision Group for Culture, Leisure and Parks in the Autonomous Region plans to spend “up to £ 2m” on a new shipping container kiosk in Wanstead’s Christchurch Green.

Being installed this fall, the enormous costs associated with this project will be placed directly in the center of the protected area, leaving some questions unanswered.

Why is such a poor quality building so expensive?

How can what looks like a shipping container comply with Wanstead’s protected area rules?

Given that the council will have to cut £ 16 million in 2021/22 alone, where does the funding come from to fund this project? The estimated £ 2 million cost shown in Section 7 of the planning application itself will account for 12% of the total cost savings needed to be made this year.

There are at least 14 places to buy takeaway coffee on Wanstead High Street, so you should also ask about the feasibility of this new kiosk. Will it make money, and what is its business case?

Local traders are the lifeline of High Street, which potentially represents direct competition with them. Therefore, business case and profit forecasts must be sufficient for the council to focus on this type of spending. However, no one knows for sure because nothing has been released.

There is no doubt that the container kiosk will provide another place to buy takeaway coffee. But is it certainly in the public interest to know if the project is a flat white loss or a potential Mochachoca benefit?

Scott Wilding

Wanstead Liberal Democratic Party

Concerns raised at Wanstead Park’s shipping container kiosk

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