Concerns that the new £ 350m Center Parks will “tear from the irreplaceable ancient forest”

Environmentalists have criticized the new £ 350m holiday camp plan, ridiculing Britain’s net zero-carbon obligations and saying it will hurt the countryside.

I want to build Center Parks Its sixth British holiday village It is located on 550 acres south of Gatwick Airport near Crawley in Sussex.

Nottingham-based business Create 1,500 new jobs on your siteIt is located in the south of London and has good transportation connections, so it meets the requirements.

But opponents say it will “tear” from irreplaceable ancient forests and ridicule the government’s efforts to tackle climate change.

They said that installing hundreds of lodges along with restaurants, sports facilities and swimming facilities would destroy habitats and “open locks to damage ancient forests elsewhere.”

Center Parcs He said he was investigating the site and took responsibility for the environment “very seriously”.

The leisure company, which operates five holiday villages from Newark’s base, has signed an option contract to acquire Old House Warren’s privately owned forests.

Nature Maintenance and Country Charities Woodland Trust, Sussex Wildlife Trust, CPRE Sussex, Sussex Avian Society, and RSPB have criticized the plan.

In a joint statement, the organization stated that development would “tear the hearts of the irreplaceable ancient forests of Old House Warren” and “irreversible loss of wildlife habitat.”

Dan Osborne, Chairman of CPRE Sussex, said:

“The proposal faces all that was said to us about the need to reduce carbon emissions, and the government on the restoration and expansion of our natural habitat and biodiversity, and their long-term health and well-being. It goes against the goal of. “.

Jenny Scholfield, director of the Southeastern Region of the Woodland Trust, warned that the development could “open locks for damage to ancient forests elsewhere.”

According to the group, the area is a breeding and foraging site for birds such as goshawks, marsh tit and marsh tit.

Alan Perry, President of the Sussex Bird Society, said:

“But the site also needs to be viewed in a broader context. It’s part of a vast, undisturbed forest and open field that is a habitat for rare breeding birds that roam long distances.”

Center Parks said development would cost between £ 350m and £ 400m, creating about 1500 permanent local jobs and an additional 1,000 roles during construction. ..

A spokeswoman for the company said a “detailed ecological study” was underway and took “very seriously” its responsibility for the environment and forests.

They added: “We have over 30 years of experience in carefully managing the forests in which the villages are located and carefully growing and maintaining them to protect and enhance biodiversity.

“Our approach to this development is a collaborative approach that works with local governments, local communities, and all groups with a particular interest in the site.”

Martin Dalby, CEO of Center Parks, previously said:

“As a company, we take responsibility for our communities very seriously and look forward to sharing it as our plans progress.”

Center Parks UK, a separate business from Center Parks Europe, employs approximately 9,000 people and has approximately 2.2 guests each year.

Sites are located in Cambria, Nottingham, Wiltshire, Suffolk and Bedfordshire, as well as Ireland, about 70 miles west of Dublin.

Concerns that the new £ 350m Center Parks will “tear from the irreplaceable ancient forest”

Source link Concerns that the new £ 350m Center Parks will “tear from the irreplaceable ancient forest”

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