Coronation travel expenses provoke Papuan public backlash

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Papua New Guinean media have accused taxpayers of nearly $1 million in the cost of some 30 officials who traveled to London for the coronation of King Charles.

Esther Kira wrote on the PNG Post Courier website that “international trips and so-called meetings involve an insane number of delegates, but no funding for basic human rights work.” ing.

In a statement, Government Secretary of the House of Representatives Bill Torasso denied media reports that the Government paid $825,000, but confirmed to Reuters that 10 guests and 10 staff members traveled to London. rice field.

It was joined by the Governor-General, Sir Bob Dade, his wife, Minister of Foreign Affairs Justin Tkachenko.

As quoted by Reuters, Toraso said PNG cherishes “the close and historic ties we share with the monarch as heads of state.”

In addition, Mr Tkachenko said he had been asked by Prime Minister James Marape to attend the coronation, and that the invitation from Buckingham Palace included his spouse and that he had taken his daughter with him instead.

Two officials went to London, where they met with British ministers. “It was a very productive and historic visit,” he said.

He added that the strong pound, which is worth four times the local currency, drives up costs.

The British High Commission in Port Moresby is monitoring public outcry, an official said. Coronation travel expenses provoke Papuan public backlash

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