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Coronavirus NI: The majority of unvaccinated and below hospitals are said by Michelle O’Neill

According to Michelle O’Neill, the number of hospitalized coronavirus patients doubled in just eight days in the “majority” and younger age groups who were not vaccinated.

Ministers approved two more mitigations on Thursday, but the deputy prime minister told the press: Corris Land Executives postpone further steps of rafts until more statistics are available.

No deaths occurred in Northern Ireland on Thursday, and an additional 1,430 cases of the virus were reported.

Number of COVID -Positive patients in hospital increased to 162-10 were treated in the intensive care unit.

O’Neill said: “The majority of people in the hospital are unvaccinated. As for the age group, it has to do with the younger population, so I encourage you to take the vaccine again. That’s ours. The best defense. “

Despite the increasing number of cases, executives have uncapped 15 people from outdoor domestic rallies and allow close contact services such as beauty salons to accept guests.

However, other moves on the table have been shelved until Monday, and on Monday the minister will decide if further easing can be done.

O’Neill added: So I think we may make a new decision by Monday and we will be able to follow up on it by Thursday.

“We will continue to make steady progress, but I think it is important to say that these decisions are made in the context of a surge in the number of cases, plus an increase over the last eight years. I’ve seen the number of people double.

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“So what we need here is a cautious approach, a steady approach, and we’re making little by little progress.”

Belfast Live Ministry of Public Health How many inpatients did not have one, two, or even jabs last week-but the request for information was denied.

A spokesperson at the time said:

“Two doses of the available vaccine provide excellent protection against serious illness, but not complete protection. Therefore, after one or two doses of the vaccine, COVID is given. In case of infection, it is inevitable that only a small number of people will need to be hospitalized. “

AllianceMLA Paula Bradshaw, a member of the Staumont Health Commission, called on health managers to publish full figures.

She told Belfast Live: Important around the message of the broader vaccine program is to enable those who did not come before to make more informed choices and demonstrate the effectiveness or other methods of previous vaccine programs. is.

“We anecdotally know that older groups are in a much more volatile situation. By default, it is the young people who are infected with Covid, and ultimately they. I see. At the hospital because they haven’t received the first or second dose? “

Gerry Carroll of People Before Profit’s, a member of the Stormont Health Commission, said: Even the small number of people affected by entering the public domain will be affected.

“Given the scale of the rapidly increasing number of cases, the department needs to clarify the possibility of being infected with COVID while people are double-jabed. In my view, this is , While vaccines are essential, it will limit the Tories’ call to follow the dangerous path by showing that people are still at risk for COVID-19. “

Coronavirus NI: The majority of unvaccinated and below hospitals are said by Michelle O'Neill

Source link Coronavirus NI: The majority of unvaccinated and below hospitals are said by Michelle O'Neill

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